CDFA - 2018 National Development Finance Summit - Marketplace

CDFA Project Marketplace

The CDFA National Summit is a deal-making event at its core. The CDFA Project Marketplace brings this theme to the forefront by featuring projects in search of financing with special presentations, and CDFA National Summit participants are invited to comment on each project and offer technical assistance about potential solutions.

Communities of all sizes are encouraged to submit projects in need of financing to be presented during the CDFA Project Marketplace. Private sector participants can partner with communities on presentations as well.

What is the Project Marketplace?

The Marketplace was created with an understanding that it is often difficult to bring the public- and private- sectors together in the same place, and harder still to have each engage in an open discussion about development finance projects. The Marketplace provides an initial platform for those introductions and connections to be made. It also provides communities with a better understanding of the financing resources available to them for their potential projects.

Why Should I Participate?

The intended outcome of participating in the Marketplace is to help identify potential resources your community can use to fill the financing gap of your project as well as:

How to Submit a Deal

To submit a deal for the CDFA Project Marketplace, register for the CDFA National Summit and select CDFA Project Marketplace. Once your registration is received a member of the CDFA team will follow-up with you with additional information.

CDFA will waive the CDFA National Summit registration fee for any community that is chosen to present a project at the Marketplace. Participants are still required to pay for travel, accommodations, and any special fee events at the National Summit. Contact CDFA with any questions concerning the CDFA Project Marketplace.