CDFA - 2019 National Summit - Agenda

National Summit Agenda

The full agenda for the National Development Finance Summit will be posted this summer.

The tentative agenda includes:

November 6
Advanced Tax Increment Finance Course (extra fee event prior to National Summit)
National Summit Kickoff Opening Reception

November 7
All day session programming
Tampa Dining Adventures

November 8
Half day session programming with adjournment at 12:00 PM

Call for Presentations

CDFA needs your help to source deals, projects and programs and will be accepting submissions for potential deals, projects and program presentations. Submissions must fit into at least one of the following broad categories:

CDFA is looking for diversity in the deals, projects and programs that present. Submissions are encouraged to focus on leveraging private-sector capital using a public-sector financing approach. CDFA will place an emphasis on bonds, tax increment, tax credits, access to capital funds, EB-5, special assessment and early stage capital. Deals, projects or programs that include multiple funding sources are highly encourage. Complex and innovative uses of financing to solve private sector market challenges is critical.

Submit Your Proposal Here

Submissions will be accepted through the end of July. Please read the submission requirements below.

Presentation Details

Please note the following important session considerations prior to submitting:

Submission Requirements

Please pay close attention to the following submission requirements. Submissions that fail to provide the necessary information will not be accepted. Those interested in submitting should provide the following information:
  1. A short two-three paragraph overview of the deal, project or program. Provide as much detail on the type of tool(s) used in the financing and explain how this deal, project or program leverages private sector capital using a public-sector financing approach.

  2. Complete contact information for the session organizer and the names and complete contact information of those willing to speak. It will be the responsibility of those submitting to secure speaker commitments. Do not send suggested speakers. Speakers should be confirmed prior to submission. CDFA recommends no more than three panelists per submission. Single speaker submissions are welcomed as well.
Submit Your Proposal Here

By the end of August, CDFA will make selections and notify presenters. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact CDFA at 614-705-1300 or