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IMCP Program - Application Strategy Session Presentations
Launched in 2013, IMCP is a national competition that designates up to 12 manufacturing communities. In addition to national recognition, communities receive a federal liaison, promotion, and the potential for targeted investments from 11 federal...
Brownfields Case Study - Montgomery, AL
This study from Partnership for Sustainable Communities examines the Selma to Montgomery National Historic Trail that included 18 brownfield site assessment in the underserved communities along the trail. The project utilized a collaborative...
Brownfields Case Study - Milwaukee
This study from Partnership for Sustainable Communities examines how brownfields projects in Milwaukee, WI can be transformed into opportunities for urban redevelopment. The North End and Park East Corridor projects are examples of how to leverage...
Brownfields Case Study - Indianapolis Trail
This study from Partnership for Sustainable Communities highlights the Indianapolis Cultural Trails and the successful efforts to increase brownfield redevelopment along the trail and encompassing neighborhoods. The city utilized an EPA assessment...
Brownfields Case Study - Greenville, SC
This case study from Partnership for Sustainable Communities highlights a brownfield redevelopment project on the West Side of Greenville, SC that relied heavily on Brownfield Site Assessment Grants to identify reuse opportunities within the project...
Federal Resources for Sustainable Rural Communities Members only Login
This guide to HUD, DOT, EPA, and USDA programs highlights federal resources rural communities can use to promote economic competitiveness, protect healthy environments, and enhance quality of life.
Local Foods, Local Places Initiative Community List Members only Login
The White House Rural Council and six federal agencies selected 26 communities to participate in Local Foods, Local Places, a federal initiative providing direct technical support and expertise to community partners integrating local food systems...
2013 Tribal Brownfields and Response Programs
This report highlights how tribes are using U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Brownfields Program funding to address contaminated land in Indian country and other tribal lands. It also provides a historic overview of EPA’s Brownfields...
EPA Brownfield AWP Grant Guidelines FY15
This notice announces the availability of EPA grant funds and solicits proposals from eligible entities to conduct research, technical assistance, and/or training activities that will enable the entity to develop an area-wide plan for brownfields...
CDFA Brownfields Financing Resource Center
The CDFA Brownfields Financing Resource Center is a one-stop hub for all of the resources, reports, headlines, and projects that CDFA collects and publishes related to brownfields finance. Find links to resource tags, technical assistance, original...
Energy Efficient and Affordable Homes Planned for Former Mine Scarred Property
EPA’s Brownfields Sustainability Pilots provide technical assistance to assist communities in achieving greener, more sustainable results when redeveloping brownfields. These pilots also provide models for other communities across the country.
Deconstruction and Building Material Reuse to Foster Community Redevelopment in Lynchburg
EPA’s Brownfields Sustainability Pilots provide technical assistance to assist communities in achieving greener, more sustainable results when redeveloping brownfields. These pilots also provide models for other communities across the country.
Innovations in Microbusiness Members only Login
CFED published this report on financing mirobusiness. This report offers an overview of the emerging models of practice, including lessons learned from our partners and similar efforts by other organizations.
EPA Region 3 Brownfield Report
For the EPA's Region 3 report, the agency highlights brownfield financing programs in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virgina, and West Virgina. The report also lays out the elements of each program, in addition to the type of financing used for...
Regulatory Impact Analysis for the Proposed Carbon Pollution Guidelines for Existing Power Plants and Emission Standards for Modified and Reconstructed Power Plants Members only Login
This Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA) discusses potential benefits, costs, and economic impacts of the proposed Emission Guidelines for Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Existing Stationary Sources: Electric Utility Generating Units and also from...
Overview of the Clean Power Plan Members only Login
An overview of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's proposed a commonsense plan to cut carbon pollution from power plants.
EPA Brownfields Area-Wide Planning Fact Sheet
Brownfields Area-Wide Planning is an EPA grant program which provides funding to recipients to conduct research, technical assistance and training that will result in an area-wide plan and implementation strategy for key brownfield site.
Brownfields Redevelopment: A Guidebook for Local Governments and Communities
When the International City/County Management Association first published this guide in 1997, it was the first comprehensive brownfields guidebook written specifically for local government officials and community leaders. In the brief time since...
The Environmental and Economic Impacts of Brownfields Redevelopment
This paper from Northeast-Midwest Institute seeks to summarize established quantifiable impacts of brownfields redevelopment in the areas of environmental, economic, community, and fiscal effects.
Brownfields Redevelopment Tax Incentives for Preservation Projects
The National Trust for Historic Preservation published an article by Evans Paull that explores tax incentives for brownfields redevelopment and how these incentives can be paired with rehabilitation projects.
Illinois Clean Water Initiative 2014 Members only Login
Elmo Dowd, Assistant Director of the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, presents highlights of the Governor's Clean Water Initiative, a $1B low-interest loan fund for wastewater and drinking water infrastructure projects.
Brownfields Federal Programs Guide - 2013 Edition
The 2013 Brownfields Federal Programs Guide updates the 2011 edition. Several new programs were added while other have since been eliminated. The guide also details financial & technical assistance offered by each federal agency.
New Models of Financing Energy Efficiency Presentation
The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) recently issued $24.3 million Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds to finance loans for residential energy efficiency improvements. This “first of its kind” innovative financing...
Cryptic Barriers to Energy Efficiency Members only Login
The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy published this research report aimed at identifying 'cryptic' market barriers that inhibit greater investment in energy technologies and practices in the buildings sector. Cryptic barriers include...
Federal Finance Facilities Available for Energy Efficiency Upgrades and Clean Energy Deployment
The U.S. Department of Energy has released a guide to financial resources for clean energy to serve state, local and tribal leaders seeking to build a robust, clean energy economy. This guide provides a snapshot of the federal finance facilities...
Federal Funding Programs for Brownfields and Abandoned Site Redevelopment Members only Login
Brownfield and abandoned sites have tremendous negative impacts on local communities from an economic and environmental standpoint. The purpose of this primer is to review the current status of the federal brownfields law and describe strategies for...
Making Connections for Community-Wide Redevelopment Success Members only Login
Successful transit-oriented development (TOD) requires strategic integration of land-use planning, transportation planning, and resource allocation. This resource highlights national case studies that have been successful in implementing TOD plans...
EPA's Brownfields and Land Revitalization Programs Brochure Members only Login
The Environmental Protection Agency created a brochure marketing their brownfields and land revitalization programs. Included in the brochure are funding programs, project highlights and links for additional information.
EPA Brownfields RLF Grants Flyer Members only Login
This flyer from the Environment Protection Agency provides a comprehensive understanding of what you need to know if interested in applying for funding through the Brownfields Revolving Loan Fund Grant program, all in an easy to navigate, two-page...

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