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Berry Lane Park - Brownfield Case Study
Association for Redevelopment Initiatives' case study details the transformation of 12 former brownfield sites into Berry Lane Park, a public park in one of New Jersey's poorest neighborhoods. Berry Lane Park was funded through a mix of public and...
Brownfield Remediation Financing in North America and Calgary's Rivers District
This paper from Robert Sroka examines tax increment financing and other financing tools used to ease brownfield redevelopment and remediation. Through an examination of these tools and their application in the US and Canada, the paper evaluates the...
Milltown Park Brownfield Case Study
Association for Redevelopment Initiatives' case study of Milltown Park, a former mill site that was redeveloped using TIF and a USDA Rural Housing Super Green-LEED Platinum Loan.
Financing Brownfield Remediation in Milwaukee
This presentation by Mat Reimer from the City of Milwaukee explores the comprehensive approach to financing brownfield remediation and post clean-up development that is implemented by Milwaukee.
Financing Brownfields Presentation
Bill Mandeville from WA Department of Commerce covers brownfields financing in this presentation from the CDFA National Finance Summit.
Financing Resilient Power
Clean Energy Group hosted a webinar on financing options for clean, resilient power solutions. Rob Sanders provided an overview of clean energy finance strategies for low-cost, long-term financing of resilient, clean-energy technologies. Henry Misas...
Brownfields to Green Gardens
Biocycle magazine released this series of articles on the conversion of brownfield sites to community gardens and urban farms. The articles highlight the success of several pilot brownfield redevelopment programs launched by multiple cities.
2013 Tribal Brownfields and Response Programs
This report highlights how tribes are using U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Brownfields Program funding to address contaminated land in Indian country and other tribal lands. It also provides a historic overview of EPA’s Brownfields...
Overcoming Obstacles to Rural & Agricultural Finance
Themes discussed in the publication are making markets work for rural and agricultural finance, forging agricultural finance innovations, reducing costs of rural outreach, managing risks, attracting private sector investors and much.
EPA Brownfield AWP Grant Guidelines FY15
This notice announces the availability of EPA grant funds and solicits proposals from eligible entities to conduct research, technical assistance, and/or training activities that will enable the entity to develop an area-wide plan for brownfields...
CDFA Brownfields Financing Resource Center
The CDFA Brownfields Financing Resource Center is a one-stop hub for all of the resources, reports, headlines, and projects that CDFA collects and publishes related to brownfields finance. Find links to resource tags, technical assistance, original...
Energy Efficient and Affordable Homes Planned for Former Mine Scarred Property
EPA’s Brownfields Sustainability Pilots provide technical assistance to assist communities in achieving greener, more sustainable results when redeveloping brownfields. These pilots also provide models for other communities across the country.
Deconstruction and Building Material Reuse to Foster Community Redevelopment in Lynchburg
EPA’s Brownfields Sustainability Pilots provide technical assistance to assist communities in achieving greener, more sustainable results when redeveloping brownfields. These pilots also provide models for other communities across the country.
Annual Report: Florida Brownfields Redevelopment Program
The report analyzes the Brownfield Redevelopment Program from July 2013-June 2014. The program reached several major milestones, including 280 projected new direct jobs, 423 projected new indirect jobs and $11 million in projected new capital...
EPA Region 6 Brownfield Report
For the EPA's Region 6 report, the agency highlights brownfield financing programs in Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. The report also lays out the elements of each program, in addition to the type of financing used for...
EPA Region 3 Brownfield Report
For the EPA's Region 3 report, the agency highlights brownfield financing programs in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virgina, and West Virgina. The report also lays out the elements of each program, in addition to the type of financing used for...
Brownfields Insurance for Public Sector-Led Development Projects: Experience and Methods
In a report from Northern Kentucky University and The University of Louisville, brownfields insurance is analyzed through three case studies of development projects that are managed by the public sector. The researchers determine that the most...
Annual Report: California Recycle Underutilized Sites Program
The California Pollution Control Financing Authority administer the CALReUSE Program (the “Program”), which is designed to encourage and assist in the rejuvenation and development of brownfield sites. This report analyzes the successes of the...
Financing Techniques for Brownfield Remediation
Professor Nico Groenendijk from the University of Twente (Netherlands) provides an in-depth analysis of brownfield financing and the various costs/benefits. Of the financing techniques provided, the guide includes four models of public-private...
Economic Development Incentives and the Detroit TIF Story Members only Login
Art Papapanos of the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation discusses available development incentives involving a variety of sectors, in addition to providing several successful projects in Detroit.
Redevelopment Driving Reinvestment Members only Login
Anne Jamieson, Senior Project Manager for AKT Peerless, discusses the different financing strategies behind redevelopment projects, including TIF, tax abatements, tax credits, and grants and loans. Jamieson also provides a case study from Detroit.
Using HUD Programs to Address Brownfields Members only Login
Stanley Gimont of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Affairs shares information on the federal agency's financing sources that can be applied to brownfields redevelopment projects.
Brownfields-Legal & Regulatory Members only Login
Through a number of example projects, Catherine Ward of Stradley Ronon teaches the legal and regulatory barriers to financing brownfield redevelopments.
Utilizing Tax Increment Financing Members only Login
Jim Ginty from MuniCap, Inc. gives the private sector view of brownfields redevelopment, specifically focusing on how projects are enhanced with Tax Increment Financing.
State & Local Financing Strategies for Brownfields: New Jersey and Pennsylvania Members only Login
Catherine Ward of Stradley Ronon shares some brownfield redevelopment case studies from Pennsylvania and New Jersey, touching on the state and local financing incentives used.
A Land-Based Approach to Brownfields Redevelopment Members only Login
David Ebersole of the City of Cleveland shares his local approach to financing redevelopment of brownfield sites throughout the city.
Case Studies on Brownfield Properties Within Michigan Members only Login
Several brownfield redevelopment projects from Michigan are demonstrated by Anne Jamieson of AKT Peerless.
Understanding Brownfield Redevelopment Members only Login
Anne Jamieson with AKT Peerless teaches the basic foundations to understanding brownfield redevelopment including the various financing strategies necessary to bridge gaps.
State and Local Financing Strategies for Brownfields Members only Login
David Misky of the Redevelopment Authority of the City of Milwaukee shares some local brownfield redevelopment strategies listing the financial tools used to complete the sustainable redevelopment.
EDA's Role in Brownfields Redevelopment Members only Login
An overview of the U.S. Economic Development Administration's role in brownfields redevelopment is provided by David Ives, including grant programs, investment priorities, and more.
Brownfields Financing Members only Login
Mike Galligan of MassDevelopment presents case studies on brownfield redevelopment sites throughout Massachusetts, outlining the creative financing strategies used.
The Value of Brownfield Remediation
This working paper from National Bureau of Economic Research uses a slate of quasi-experimental approaches to estimate the benefits of brownfield cleanup by examining its effect on nearby property values. The value of cleanup, as captured by the...
Colorado Brownfields Handbook
The Colorado Brownfields Handbook is the end result of this three-year project. This manual incorporates lessons learned from the two pilot projects and provides a step-by-step process for brownfield cleanup and redevelopment. It also includes...
Westwood Neighborhood Brownfield Redevelopment Opportunities: A Template for Evaluating Brownfield Site Potential
Brownfields are uniquely challenging development sites in the modern urban landscape, as their environmental stigmas make private investors reluctant to engage in such efforts. Brownfield developers are effectively shouldering both extra costs and...
Unlocking Brownfields
This report by NALGEP represents the culmination of a decade of research and experience focused on brownfields reuse. It includes more than 50 profiles of successful brownfields projects and programs and four comprehensive findings which encompass...
EPA Brownfields Area-Wide Planning Fact Sheet
Brownfields Area-Wide Planning is an EPA grant program which provides funding to recipients to conduct research, technical assistance and training that will result in an area-wide plan and implementation strategy for key brownfield site.

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