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Using HUD Programs to Address Brownfields Login
Stanley Gimont of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Affairs shares information on the federal agency's financing sources that can be applied to brownfields redevelopment projects.
Brownfields-Legal & Regulatory Login
Through a number of example projects, Catherine Ward of Stradley Ronon teaches the legal and regulatory barriers to financing brownfield redevelopments.
Utilizing Tax Increment Financing Login
Jim Ginty from MuniCap, Inc. gives the private sector view of brownfields redevelopment, specifically focusing on how projects are enhanced with Tax Increment Financing.
State & Local Financing Strategies for Brownfields: New Jersey and Pennsylvania Login
Catherine Ward of Stradley Ronon shares some brownfield redevelopment case studies from Pennsylvania and New Jersey, touching on the state and local financing incentives used.
A Land-Based Approach to Brownfields Redevelopment Login
David Ebersole of the City of Cleveland shares his local approach to financing redevelopment of brownfield sites throughout the city.
Case Studies on Brownfield Properties Within Michigan Login
Several brownfield redevelopment projects from Michigan are demonstrated by Anne Jamieson of AKT Peerless.
Understanding Brownfield Redevelopment Login
Anne Jamieson with AKT Peerless teaches the basic foundations to understanding brownfield redevelopment including the various financing strategies necessary to bridge gaps.
Rethinking Redevelopment and Reusing Brownfields Login
David Lloyd of EPA's Office of Brownfields and Land Revitalization details the federal sources of funding from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
State and Local Financing Strategies for Brownfields Login
David Misky of the Redevelopment Authority of the City of Milwaukee shares some local brownfield redevelopment strategies listing the financial tools used to complete the sustainable redevelopment.
Brownfields Law at EPA Login
Daniel Schramm, attorney with the EPA's Office of General Counsel details the legal and regulatory landscape of brownfields redevelopment.
EDA's Role in Brownfields Redevelopment Login
An overview of the U.S. Economic Development Administration's role in brownfields redevelopment is provided by David Ives, including grant programs, investment priorities, and more.
Brownfields Financing Login
Mike Galligan of MassDevelopment presents case studies on brownfield redevelopment sites throughout Massachusetts, outlining the creative financing strategies used.
The Value of Brownfield Remediation Login
This working paper from National Bureau of Economic Research uses a slate of quasi-experimental approaches to estimate the benefits of brownfield cleanup by examining its effect on nearby property values. The value of cleanup, as captured by the...
Colorado Brownfields Handbook Login
The Colorado Brownfields Handbook is the end result of this three-year project. This manual incorporates lessons learned from the two pilot projects and provides a step-by-step process for brownfield cleanup and redevelopment. It also includes...
Westwood Neighborhood Brownfield Redevelopment Opportunities: A Template for Evaluating Brownfield Site Potential Login
Brownfields are uniquely challenging development sites in the modern urban landscape, as their environmental stigmas make private investors reluctant to engage in such efforts. Brownfield developers are effectively shouldering both extra costs and...
Unlocking Brownfields Login
This report by NALGEP represents the culmination of a decade of research and experience focused on brownfields reuse. It includes more than 50 profiles of successful brownfields projects and programs and four comprehensive findings which encompass...
EPA Brownfields Area-Wide Planning Fact Sheet Login
Brownfields Area-Wide Planning is an EPA grant program which provides funding to recipients to conduct research, technical assistance and training that will result in an area-wide plan and implementation strategy for key brownfield site.
Jump Starting Redevelopment with Foundation Funding Login
Patrick Kirby with West Virginia University presents at the Ohio Brownfields 2014 Conference on how to use and leverage foundation funding for brownfield redevelopment.
Brownfields Redevelopment: A Guidebook for Local Governments and Communities Login
When the International City/County Management Association first published this guide in 1997, it was the first comprehensive brownfields guidebook written specifically for local government officials and community leaders. In the brief time since...
The Environmental and Economic Impacts of Brownfields Redevelopment Login
This paper from Northeast-Midwest Institute seeks to summarize established quantifiable impacts of brownfields redevelopment in the areas of environmental, economic, community, and fiscal effects.
Local Brownfield Financing Tools Login
This paper from the Northeast-Midwest Institute provides case examples of brownfield financing tools that local governments have used to leverage private dollars, improve the developer’s financial position, reduce lender risk, or fund property...
Greening Vacant Lots: Planning and Implementation Strategies Login
This report by NatLab include several case studies exemplifying how green infrastructure can help reduce pollution, lower municipal sewage cost, re-purpose vacant land, and other benefits.
Financing Brownfield Redevelopment in Small Towns and Rural Areas: Hints & Examples Login
Charles Bartsch and Barbara Wells draw lessons from case studies for financing brownfield redevelopment projects in small towns and rural areas.
Promoting Brownfield Redevelopment: Role of Public-Private Partnerships Login
Charles Bartsch explains the significance public-private partnerships can play in successfully mitigating and redeveloping brownfield sites. Bartsch provides components and steps in successful partnerships.
Ontario Brownfields Showcase Volume II Login
The Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing released a Brownfields Showcase Part II, which provides an updated overview of brownfields redevelopment opportunities, tools, strategies and new case studies.
Ontario Brownfields Showcase Volume I Login
The Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing released a Brownfields Showcase which provides an overview of brownfields redevelopment opportunities, tools, strategies and case studies.
Brownfields Redevelopment Tax Incentives for Preservation Projects Login
The National Trust for Historic Preservation published an article by Evans Paull that explores tax incentives for brownfields redevelopment and how these incentives can be paired with rehabilitation projects.
Redeveloping Commercial Vacant Properties in Legacy Cities Login
Greater Ohio Policy Center designed this guidebook as a manual for local leaders working to redevelop vacant commercial property. The report identifies best practices and policies focused on economic regrowth strategies.
2014 Site Assistance and Brownfield Revitalization Update Login
Through its Site Assistance and Brownfield Revitalization section, the EPA provides technical review and assistance to the Clean Ohio Fund and JobsOhio Revitalization Fund. This presentation from the 2014 Brownfield Conference provides program...
Brownfields Federal Programs Guide - 2013 Edition Login
The 2013 Brownfields Federal Programs Guide updates the 2011 edition. Several new programs were added while other have since been eliminated. The guide also details financial & technical assistance offered by each federal agency.
New York State Brownfield Cleanup Program: Impact Assessment Login
Evans Paull with Redevelopment Economics published this comprehensive assessment of the economic, fiscal, and environmental impacts of New York State's Brownfield Cleanup Program.
Florida Economic Development Program Evaluations - Year 1 Login
Florida's Office of Economic and Demographic Research and the Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability provide a detailed analysis of the state economic development programs.
Financing Brownfields Redevelopment in Oregon Login
The purpose of Business Oregon’s Brownfields Program is to assist individuals, non-profit organizations and local governments with financing to evaluate, cleanup and redevelop brownfields through two brownfields financing programs: the Oregon...
Brownfield Development Guide Login
This Brownfield Development Guide draws on the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection's 18 years of experience in cleaning up more than 4,760 sites and outlines the full spectrum of services and resources available for the often complex...
Investing in Brownfields: The Economic Benefits of the Clean Ohio Revitalization Fund Login
Greater Ohio Policy Center conducted an independent study of the Clean Ohio Revitalization Fund to analyze the statewide economic impacts of public investments in brownfield sites. At a time of potential transition for the program, this study aims...
Strategies for Redevelopment on Brownfields Within Michigan Login
Many strategies to deal with brownfield sites, such as TIFs, grants, loans and tax credits are discussed in this presentation by Anne Jamieson with AKT Peerless. Various case studies demonstrate the ways in which different capital stacks can be...
NY State Business Tax Credits: Analysis and Evaluation Login
Gov. Cuomo appointed a commission to publish this study on tax breaks and their effectiveness on the New York economy. Causing the most controversy is the Brownfield Tax Credit Program, which environmental advocates say does nothing to help the...
Brownfield Restoration in New York State: Program Review and Options Login
This report provides an overview and assessment of the three major initiatives New York State has undertaken to turn vacant brownfield sites into productive, environmentally safe properties, including the Voluntary Cleanup Program, Environmental...
DCED: Strategies for Revitalization & Redevelopment Login
Craig Petrasic with DCED's Center for Private Financing provides an overview of various state programs and tools available for financing redevelopment projects.
Duane Morris: Strategies for Revitalization & Redevelopment Login
Michael Pehur with Duane Morris Government Strategies presents on smart growth and the principles behind bring a good infill project from fantasy to fruition.
Mill Revitalization Districts: Challenges, Opportunities & Case Studies Login
This presentation from the State of Massachusetts provides strategies to revitalize old mill villages across the state through special district financing. Included are common challenges, opportunities, considerations and detailed case studies.

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