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May 27-28, 2015
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1:00pm - 2:00pm (PDT)
June 3, 2015

CDFA Brownfields Financing Webinar: Financing Post Disaster Recovery
2pm (EDT)
June 4, 2015

CDFA Georgia Conference
Atlanta, GA
June 4, 2015

Advanced Bond Finance WebCourse
Daily: 12-5pm (EDT)
June 10-11, 2015

CDFA Pennsylvania Conference
Harrisburg, PA
June 11, 2015

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11:00am - 12:30pm (EDT)
June 17, 2015

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June 30-July 1, 2015
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Lake Buena Vista, FL
August 5-6, 2015

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St. Louis, MO
August 10-14, 2015

Fundamentals of Economic Development Finance Course
St. Louis, MO
August 10, 2015

Intro Public-Private Partnership (P3) Finance WebCourse
St. Louis, MO
August 11-12, 2015

Intro Tax Increment Finance Course
St. Louis, MO
August 11-12, 2015

Intro Bond Finance Course
St. Louis, MO
August 13-14, 2015

Intro Rural Finance Course
St. Louis, MO
August 13-14, 2015

CDFA Kentucky Webcast: Understanding the EB-5 Model in Kentucky
11:00am - 12:30pm (EDT)
August 19, 2015

CDFA Ohio Conference
Columbus, OH
September 1, 2015

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Newark, NJ
September 17, 2015

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Detroit, MI
October 7, 2015

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Seattle, WA
October 13, 2015

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Portland, OR
October 15, 2015

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Lexington, KY
October 22, 2015

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Charleston, SC
November 3, 2015

CDFA National Development Finance Summit
Charleston, SC
November 3-6, 2015

Intro Brownfields Finance Course
Charleston, SC
November 4, 2015

CDFA California Conference
Sacramento, CA
November 19, 2015

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An Overview of Special Purpose Taxing Districts Members only Login
The National Association of Home Builders published this report focusing on Special Purpose Taxing Districts, a more efficient and effective way to fund public improvements in advance of growth, while at the same time ensuring that new growth pays...
Foothills Mall Redevelopment: TIF Case Study Members only Login
Josh Birks (City of Fort Collins), Samuel Sharp (D.A. Davidson & Co.), and Dee Wisor (Butler Snow, LLP) present a case study detailing the financing structure of a 76.3 acre TIF redevelopment project in the City of Fort Collins.
Financing Art and Culture Districts
This essay from the National Cultural Districts Exchange focuses on the financing, funding, and sustainability of art districts and the efforts underway in the cities of San Diego, Seattle, Baltimore, Dallas, and the state of Massachusetts.
The Use of TIF in Nebraska Members only Login
The Platte Institute for Economic Research released this policy study on the use of TIF in Nebraska. The study covers general concepts, trends, cases studies from various size cities, economic analysis, and recommendations.
Columbus Region Energy Fund Program Overview Members only Login
The Columbus-Franklin County Finance Authority can provide financing for Central Ohio businesses, non-profits and local governments to fund cost-effective, energy efficiency improvements to buildings resulting in lower energy costs.
Columbus Region Energy Fund Building Owner’s Project Process and Timeline Members only Login
The Columbus-Franklin County Finance Authority can provide financing for Central Ohio businesses, non-profits and local governments to fund cost-effective, energy efficiency improvements to buildings resulting in lower energy costs.
TIF History & Performance Report 2011 Members only Login
A report on Wichita’s tax increment financing districts indicates that each district is expected to repay every bond issued for public improvements on time.
Food Retail Expansion to Support Health Program Members only Login
Tida Infahsaeng of the New York City Economic Development Finance Corporation shares their efforts to finance food retail development in areas of need.
Tax Increment Financing in Maine: Overview Members only Login
The Town of Lincoln, Maine presented an overview of the town's TIF program. The presentation includes an explanation of TIF and requirements in the state.
2014 Biennial Report: Local Infrastructure Financing Tool Program Members only Login
Washington's Department of Commerce issued this report detailing nine municipalities' participation in the LIFT program.
CMAP 2040: Support Economic Innovation Members only Login
As part of its regional comprehensive plan, the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) introduced a plan to catalyze economic innovation throughout the region through the year 2040.
Beaufort Co., SC Municipalities Tax Increment Financing Districts (TIF) Members only Login
This resource provides a list of the TIF districts in Beaufort County along with details and the supporting documents on file for each TIF districts.
State of the Region: Infrastructure Report Members only Login
The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments' 2015 State of the Region: Infrastructure Report provides an in-depth look at both the infrastructure systems in the metropolitan Washington D.C. region, and their funding needs.
Private Capital, Public Good Members only Login
This paper from Brookings presents nine recommendations for public leaders as they consider P3s. It is intended to serve as a guide to executing them in the public interest.
Public-Private Partnerships: Understanding the Difference Between Procurement and Finance Members only Login
This paper from the Center for American Progress concludes that P3s are a useful alternative form of procurement, allowing project sponsors to balance multiple goals against various delivery methods. They are not, however, an affordable method for...
Urban Agriculture: Feasibility Study for Youngstown, OH Members only Login
This Global Green study examines the potential for urban agriculture to revitalize Youngstown, Ohio. Youngstown has experienced significant economic challenges and population reductions over the past thirty years, resulting in large quantities of...
Mixed-Use and Economic Development Financing Structures and Options Members only Login
Strafford's shows special districts can provide a win-win-win situation for the local jurisdiction, the developer, and the ultimate owners of the benefited properties. Lending institutions, which advance credit to borrowers on properties located in...
Growing Urban Agriculture: Strategies and Policies for Access to Healthy Food Members only Login
This report from PolicyLink gathers information from farmers, advocates, and policymakers to better understand the operational, financial, and social challenges associated with urban agriculture. It highlights the creative solutions that are being...
Expanding U.S. P3 Market 2014 Members only Login
This report from Chadbourne provides an overview of the current U.S. P3 market, including information about projects in procurement, deal structures, market participants and public sector programs. It analyzes the trends and developments that are...
CDFA USDA Rural Project Marketplace Information Session
As part of the CDFA & USDA Rural Finance Partnership, a Project Marketplace will be created. This informational video helps explain the partnership and marketplace.
Creative Bond Financing Strategies - Part I Members only Login
John Haines, Mercy Corps Northwest; Carol McCoog, Hawkins Delafield & Wood LLP; Michael E. Schrader, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LP; and Geoff Urbina, KeyBanc Capital Markets discussed the outlook for bonds in the Oregon and consider creative...
Creative Bond Financing Strategies - Part 2 Members only Login
John Haines, Mercy Corps Northwest; Carol McCoog, Hawkins Delafield & Wood LLP; Michael E. Schrader, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LP; and Geoff Urbina, KeyBanc Capital Markets discussed the outlook for bonds in the Oregon and consider creative...
Smart Incentives & Technology Members only Login
Ellen Harpel of Smart Incentives and Kent Gardner of CGR present at the National Development Finance Summit workshop on smart incentives and technology for economic development.
Deals You Should Do! Members only Login
Stephen Friedman, President of SB Friedman, cover the ways individual development finance tools can be combine to create the extraordinary deals that bring about amazing developments. From TIF and special assessment to the full municipal credit and...
Combining TIF with Special Assessments Members only Login
John Brancaglione from PGAV Planners explains how St. Louis combined tax increment finance with special assessment. The finance was used to build a levee and prevent flooding in the district.
2014 National Development Finance Summit - Aleks Granchalek Members only Login
In this presentation by Aleks Granchalek, Director at William Blair & Company, government considerations in project delivery models are examined. These models include public-private partnerships (P3s).
City Center TIF in Bowling Green, KY Members only Login
Mary Cohron with Warren County Downtown Economic Development Authority provides details on the City Center TIF in Bowling Green, KY. The presentation covers revitalization to transform the area into a Downtown gateway for Western Kentucky University.
The SEC’s MCDC Initiative: Where To Go From Here Members only Login
With the deadline to self-report quickly approaching SEC’s MCDC Initiative, Katten Law Firm set forth a number of items that obligors and underwriters should consider as they prepare to go through the MCDC process.
2013 Tribal Brownfields and Response Programs
This report highlights how tribes are using U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Brownfields Program funding to address contaminated land in Indian country and other tribal lands. It also provides a historic overview of EPA’s Brownfields...
Notice to Divide Tax for Community Redevelopment Project Form Members only Login
This form is used in Nebraska to request that the county assessor divide the real property taxes of the parcels located in a new community redevelopment project or tax increment financing project (TIF).
Bonds and Borrowing: An Introduction
Vicki Elmer with UC Berkeley begins this paper with some general facts about bonds before moving into a discussion of the decision to borrow. Different types of bonds are described along with the bond issuance process.
Florida's Special Districts Members only Login
Jack Gaskins Jr. with the Florida Dept. of Economic Opportunity explains the basics of special districts, their benefits, different types of special districts, and the accountability program in Florida.
Unlocking Capital Access Members only Login
Paul Krutko discusses the mission, organization, and goals of Ann Arbor SPARK, while also describing the organization's extensive network and role in assisting business' within the Ann Arbor region.
Economic Development Incentives and the Detroit TIF Story Members only Login
Art Papapanos of the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation discusses available development incentives involving a variety of sectors, in addition to providing several successful projects in Detroit.
The LEADS Program Members only Login
Nicholas Terzulli of the Nassau County Industrial Development Agency discusses the LEADS program and the impact of the program on Nassau County.
The Role of the Cumberland County Improvement Authority In Expanding Pathways for Economic Growth Members only Login
Jerry Velazquez discusses the Cumberland Country Improvement Authority's projects and methods of building new opportunities.
P3 Issues and Considerations Members only Login
Practical Law Finance discusses public private partnerships (P3s) including when they should be used to develop infrastructure projects. This resource also discusses the most commonly used P3 structures, alternatives and how infrastructure projects...
Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts How-To Guide Members only Login
The California Economic Summit released this guide describing a new infrastructure financing model approved by the California State Legislature.
Brownfields-Legal & Regulatory Members only Login
Through a number of example projects, Catherine Ward of Stradley Ronon teaches the legal and regulatory barriers to financing brownfield redevelopments.
State & Local Financing Strategies for Brownfields: New Jersey and Pennsylvania Members only Login
Catherine Ward of Stradley Ronon shares some brownfield redevelopment case studies from Pennsylvania and New Jersey, touching on the state and local financing incentives used.
New York City EDC Capital Division Brochure Members only Login
This brochure from the New York City Economic Development Corporation's Capital Division highlights their purpose within the organization, the strengths of their team, and a portfolio of recent projects.
Managing an RLF Members only Login
Jean DeBellis with the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation shares PIDC's view on revolving loan funds as well as an insight into the RLF managing software, Portfol.
State and Local Financing Strategies for Brownfields Members only Login
David Misky of the Redevelopment Authority of the City of Milwaukee shares some local brownfield redevelopment strategies listing the financial tools used to complete the sustainable redevelopment.

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