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Program Overview

The State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI), part of the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010, was funded with $1.5 billion to bolster state programs supporting small business lending. States may use SSBCI funds to support programs that leverage private lending to help finance creditworthy small businesses. Permissible programs include Capital Access Programs, loan guarantee programs, and venture capital funds.

CDFA continues to support states with SSBCI and other access to capital program needs by offering webcasts, resources, and technical assistance. As part of this ongoing effort, CDFA created the CDFA SSBCI Webinar Series, a dedicated five-part educational offering specifically addressing this innovative program.

The CDFA SSBCI Portal provides an accessible interface for program information and materials in the CDFA Online Resource Database.

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State Resources

The following information summarizes the SSBCI application status or program information for each state participating in the Initiative. If you are a state SSBCI or access to capital program manager, you can help develop the CDFA SSBCI Portal by sending information, comments, or materials to CDFA.

U.S. Dept. of Treasury
The SSBCI program is managed by the U.S. Dept. of the Treasury. The CDFA Online Resource Database includes webcast presentations, program guidance, disclosure documents, and more from the Treasury's SSBCI staff.

Programs: Alabama Capital Access Program; Alabama Loan Guaranty Program; Alabama Loan Participation Program

Alaska (Anchorage)
Programs: 49th State Venture Fund

American Samoa
Programs: American Samoa Credit Support Program

Programs: Arizona Expansion Fund

Programs: Arkansas Capital Access Program; Bond Guaranty/Loan Participation Program; Risk Capital Matching Fund; Disadvantaged Business Enterprise/Small Business Loan Guarantee Program; ADFA Co-investment Fund; Seed and Angel Capital Network

Programs: California Capital Access Program (CalCAP); California Collateral Support Program (CalCAP CS); California Small Business Loan Guarantee Program; California Property Assessed Clean Energy Program

Programs: Colorado Capital Access Program; Colorado Cash Collateral Support Program

Programs: Connecticut Capital Access Program; Seed and Early State Investment Fund

Programs: Delaware Access Program; Delaware Strategic Fund

District of Columbia
Programs: District of Columbia Collateral Support Program; District of Columbia Loan Participation Program; Innovation Finance Program

Programs: Direct Loan Program; Florida Export Support Program; Florida Capital Access Program; Loan Guarantee Program; Loan Participation Program; Venture Capital Program

Programs: Georgia Loan Participation Program ;Georgia Capital Access Program; Georgia Small Business Credit Guarantee Program; Georgia Funding for CDFIs

Programs: Guam Capital Access Program; Guam Loan Participation Program; Guam Credit Guarantee Program

Programs: HSDC Venture Capital Investment Program

Programs: Collateral Support Program

Programs: Capital Access Program; Collateral Support Program; Participation Loan Program; Venture Capital Program; Conditional Direct Loan Program

Programs: Indiana Capital Access Program; Indiana 21 Fund

Programs: Iowa Capital Access Program; Iowa Demonstration Fund Program; Iowa Small Business Loan Program

Programs: Kansas Capital Multiplier Loan Fund; Kansas Capital Multiplier Venture Fund

Programs: Kentucky Capital Access Program; Kentucky Collateral Support Program; Kentucky Loan Participation Program; Kentucky Venture Capital Program

Programs: Small Business Loan Guarantee Program; Louisiana Seed Capital Program

Programs: Economic Recovery Loan Fund; Regional Economic Development Revolving Loan Program; Small Enterprise Growth Fund

Programs: DHCD - Neighborhood Business Works Subordinate Debt Program; Maryland Venture Fund IV; Maryland Industrial Development Financing Loan Guaranty; Maryland Small Business Development Financing Authority Loan Guaranty

Programs: Capital Access Program; MBDC Loan Participation Program; MGCC Loan Participation Program

Programs: Michigan Capital Access Program; Michigan Business Growth Fund - Collateral Support Program; Michigan Business Growth Fund - Loan Participation Program; Small Business Mezzanine Fund; Michigan Loan Guarantee Program

Programs: Capital Access Program; General Loan Guarantee Program; Emerging Entrepreneurs Fund; Angel Loan Fund

Programs: Small Business Loan Guaranty Program

Programs: Missouri IDEA Fund; Grow Missouri Loan Fund

Programs: Loan Participation Program

Programs: Nebraska Progress Loan Fund; Nebraska Progress Seed Fund

Programs: Nevada Microenterprise Initiative; Nevada Collateral Support Program; Battle Born Growth Escalator

New Hampshire
Programs: Aid to Local Development Organizations Loan Participation Program; Capital Access Program; Collateral Shortfall Program; Loan Guarantee Reserves Program; Venture Capital Fund

New Jersey
Programs: New Jersey Credit Guarantee Program; New Jersey Direct Loan Program; New Jersey Loan Participation Program; New Jersey Venture Capital Fund Program

New Mexico
Programs: New Mexico Loan Participation Program

New York
Programs: New York Capital Access Program; Innovate NY Fund; Bonding Guarantee Assistance Program

North Carolina
Programs: N.C. Capital Access Program; N.C. Loan Participation Program; N.C. Fund of Funds Program

North Dakota (Mandan and Carrington)
Programs: Loan Participation Program, Credit Guarantee Program; Seed Capital Network Program

Northern Mariana Islands
Programs: CNMI Loan Purchase Participation Program; CNMI Collateral Support Program

Programs: Ohio Capital Access Program; Small Business Collateral Enhancement Program; Targeted Investment Program

Programs: Start OK Accelerator Fund; Grow OK Fund; Oklahoma Angel Sidecar Fund

Programs: Capital Access Program; Credit Enhancement Fund; Oregon Business Development Fund

Programs: Ben Franklin Technology Partners and Life Science Greenhouses Program; Machinery and Equipment Loan Fund; Pennsylvania Community Development Bank Program; Pennsylvania Economic Development Finance Authority Program

Peurto Rico
Programs: Loan Participation Program, Venture Capita Program

Rhode Island
Programs: Slater Technology Fund; Betaspring Fund 100; Small Business Loan Fund

South Carolina
Programs: South Carolina Capital Access Program; South Carolina Loan Participation Program

South Dakota
Programs: South Dakota Works Loan Program

Programs: Tennessee INCITE Fund

Programs:Jobs for Texas-Venture Capital Program

Programs: Utah Small Business Loan Guarantee Program; Utah Small Business Loan Participation Program; Equity Investment Program

Programs: Commercial Loan Participation Program; Small Business Loan Program

Virgin Islands
Programs: Loan Guarantee Program; Collateral Support Program; Performance, Surety, and Payment Bonding Program

Programs: Virginia Capital Access Program; Economic Development Loan Fund; Cash Collateral Program, CIT Gap Fund

Programs: Capital Access Program; Craft3 Fund; W Fund; Collateral Support Program

West Virginia
Programs: Seed Capital Co-Investment Fund; Subordinated Debt Program; Loan Guarantee Program; Collateral Support Program

Programs: WHEDA Guarantee Program; Wisconsin Equity Fund

Wyoming (Laramie)
Programs: Credit Guarantee Program; Seed Capital Network Program


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