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Guidance on Adjusting Discretionary Incentive Programs to Support Small Business Recovery
How can economic development organizations modify their incentive programs to help struggling small businesses? To assist in sorting through the options, Smart Incentives has published Guidance on Adjusting Discretionary Incentive Programs to...
Equitable Food-Oriented DevelopmentMembers only Login
Equitable Food Oriented Development (EFOD) is a framework, and growing movement, to reap the powerful benefits of food projects and enterprises as vehicles for community development and health, while investing deeply in the self-determination and...
Making Sense of Incentives: Taming Business Incentives to Promote ProsperityMembers only Login
In evaluating incentives, everything depends on the details: how much in incentives it takes to truly cause a firm to locate or expand, the multiplier effects, the effects of jobs on employment rates, how jobs affect tax revenue versus public...
CDFA Food Finance White Paper Series: Food Systems & Targeted Tools
This white paper is part of a series examining the potential creation of a food systems asset class which supports the market growth of local and regional food systems. This paper focuses specifically on targeted financing tools that can be used to...
Growing Food Connections: Aggregation, Processing, and DistributionMembers only Login
This brief highlights the many ways and scales at which local governments can invest in aggregation, processing, and distribution infrastructure to support local and regional food systems, from commissioning assessment studies and food hub business...
Soil Wealth: Investing in Regenerative Agriculture Across Asset ClassesMembers only Login
As the investment community in the United States, particularly within the fields of sustainable, responsible, and impact investing, shows an increasing appetite for investing in sustainable agriculture and food systems across asset classes, a subset...
Tax Incentives for Opportunity Zones: In BriefMembers only Login
This CRS report briefly describes what census tracts have been designated as an OZ, what types of entities can are eligible as QOFs, the tax benefits of investments in QOFs, and what economic effects can be expected from OZ tax incentives.
CDFA // BNY Mellon Webcast Series: The Landscape of Mega Project InitiativesMembers only Login
During this installment of the CDFA // BNY Mellon Webcast Series, expert speakers from CAI Global, Baltimore Development Corporation, Arlington Economic Development, and VEDP provided an in-depth overview of the approaches being used by cities,...
Reducing Energy Burden for Low-income Residents in Multifamily Housing with Solar Energy Members only Login
When paired with energy efficiency measures, cost effective solar energy systems can support state and local program administrators’ goals to reduce low-income household energy burden. Energy burden is the share or percentage of annual household...
Effective Use of Property Tax Incentives - Lincoln InstituteMembers only Login
This study was published by the Lincoln Institute. The authors examine how to make property-tax incentives for business more effective. They find that governments should not approve every incentive request, target use of incentives, avoid incentive...
Examining the Local Value of Economic Development IncentivesMembers only Login
Every year local and state governments in the United States expend tens of billions of dollars on economic development incentives. Under intense pressure to deliver economic opportunity, policymakers utilize incentives to encourage private sector...
How States Are Improving Tax Incentives for Jobs and GrowthMembers only Login
Building on earlier research by The Pew Charitable Trusts, this report identifies best practices for effectively evaluating tax incentives. Specifically, Pew recommends that states take three steps: make a plan, measure the impact, and inform policy...
MN 2017 Tax Increment Financing Legislative ReportMembers only Login
This audit, produced by Minnesota State Auditor Rebecca Otto, details the impacts of Tax Increment Financing (TIF) in the State of Minnesota during the 2017 calendar year.
CDFA // BNY Mellon Webcast Series: Financing Broadband InfrastructureMembers only Login
During this installment of the CDFA // BNY Mellon Webcast Series, Nathan Rosenberg with The Broadband Group and Gregory Dunn with Ice Miller LLP presented some of the various financing options & ownership structures available to communities to...
Washington DC 2017 Review of Economic Development Tax ExpendituresMembers only Login
The D.C. Chief Financial Officer's Office is required to review all D.C. tax expenditures (such as abatements, credits, and exemptions) on a five-year cycle. For the FY2017 report fulfilling the requirement, the Office of Revenue Analysis (ORA)...
Best Practices for the Design and Evaluation of State Tax Incentive ProgramsMembers only Login
This report, produced for the Alabama Department of Revenue, analyzes how states use a range of tax and non-tax incentives, both of which have proliferated in the high-stakes bidding war over increasingly-mobile jobs and capital investment.
Striking a Balance: A National Assessment of Economic Development IncentivesMembers only Login
This paper, produced by the Upjohn Institute, analyzes the intensified use of incentives as local governments compete for new plants and corporate relocations, and as private firms increasingly demand a deal. While incentives promise jobs and tax...
State Strategies to Help Businesses Launch and ExpandMembers only Login
This report, produced by The PEW Charitable Trusts, examines how state governments can find solutions to policies that undermine opportunities for investment and job creation when businesses spend too much time or money on inefficient regulatory...
Smart Incentives Information SheetMembers only Login
Ellen Harpel from Smart Incentives provides supplementary information for attendees.
Leveraging Tax Incentives Use in Development ProjectsMembers only Login
Ellen Harpel from Smart Incentives & Business Development Advisors presents on leveraging tax incentive use in development projects.
Financing Disaster Recovery and ResiliencyMembers only Login
Keren Bolter discusses the science behind some of the natural disasters in Florida, then she explores the financing programs and structures for disaster resiliency, partnerships and collaborative efforts to identify financing solutions, and lessons...
Smart Incentives - Incentivizing an Increasingly Automated Manufacturing SectorMembers only Login
This white paper, prepared for Smart Incentives, provides a Descriptive Analysis of U.S. States’ Manufacturing Investment Promotion Programs. It catalogs the varied incentive tools and rationales of individual states toward attracting and...
Kentucky Programs and Economic Development OverviewMembers only Login
Sarah Butler from the Commonwealth of Kentucky discusses the latest matters related to economic development in Kentucky, along with a variety of financing programs available from the state. This material explores the economic development finance...
Water Infrastructure Financial LeadershipMembers only Login
The EPA has designed a document for decision makers to navigate the process of investing in water infrastructure. It will help identify what is needed for financial planning, how to fund and finance a project, and consider which strategic approaches...
Land Line, July 2017Members only Login
This issue of Land Lines from the Lincoln Institute looks at strategies for revitalizing America’s smaller legacy cities, GASB 77 and the cost of property tax incentives for business, the future of U.S. public school revenue from the property tax,...
Redefining Economic Development Performance IndicatorsMembers only Login
This paper, produced by the center for Regional Economic Competitiveness, identifies a set of metrics beyond jobs and investment tallies to capture the broader benefits of economic development initiatives.
Evaluation of Tax Abatements in Franklin County, OhioMembers only Login
This report by Lincoln Institute of Land Policy analyzes the effectiveness of two major property tax abatement programs in Franklin County, Ohio. This study tests the economic impact and fiscal impact.
How States Are Improving Tax Incentives for Jobs and GrowthMembers only Login
Tax incentives are one of the primary tools that states use to try to create jobs, attract new businesses, and strengthen their economies. Incentives are also major budget commitments, collectively costing states billions of dollars a year. Given...
A Summary of Missouri Economic Development ToolsMembers only Login
This report from Gilmore & Bell summarizes 10 state level economic development programs in Missouri. Included in this report is a legislative update on existing programs.
SC Legislative UpdateMembers only Login
Sara Hazzard with SCEDA and Tushar Chikhliker with Nexsen Pruet discuss the latest legislative updates in South Carolina. What development finance topics are being discussed in the statehouse? Is there recent legislation that will have an impact on...
Tax Abatement Renewal Application & Report SampleMembers only Login
This sample is an annual questionnaires used by Lawrence, KS to collect economic development compliance information from the recipients of tax incentives.
State Programs and Legislative UpdateMembers only Login
Carlton Schwab with TEDC discusses the latest legislative updates, alongside a variety of financing programs available from Texas. What development finance topics are being discussed in the statehouse? Is there recent legislation that will have an...
Using Data and Analytics to Reduce RiskMembers only Login
Kent Gardner from the Center for Governmental Research demonstrates how a new project affects the local economy. Kent also demonstrates using software solutions for conducting cost-benefit analysis.
Designing and Deploying Incentives Effectively: Partnering For SuccessMembers only Login
Dan Breen from Jones Lang LaSalle provides a site selector’s perspective on how best to design and deploy incentives with a focus on recognizing key stakeholders, the due diligence process, and the importance of ongoing partnership.
Designing and Deploying California CompetesMembers only Login
Kristen Kane from IBank gives an overview of the California Competes tax credits program. Topics include determining credits available for allocation, application process and eligibility criteria, agreements, approval, and oversight.
Center for Economic Research in Tennessee on IncentivesMembers only Login
Jeremy Stiles and Sally Avery from the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development present on incentives use.
Urban Institute - State Economic Development StrategiesMembers only Login
This report by the Urban Institute provides a discussion framework for sustainable economic growth strategies that states can use. The authors posit that state investment in economic development falls into three categories: investment in the...
New Disclosure Rules for Tax AbatementsMembers only Login
John Tysseling of Moss Adams LLP presents on new disclosure rules for tax abatements.
A Triple Bottom Line Approach to IncentivesMembers only Login
Janet Hammer from the Collaboratory presents on innovative approaches to incentive use.
Designing & Deploying Incentives in Loudoun County, VirginiaMembers only Login
Steve Hargan from Loudoun County, Virginia speaks on designing and deploying incentives in his community.
Evaluating Economic Development Deals with Impact DashboardMembers only Login
Paul Scheuren from InformAnalytics presents on the evaluation of economic development deals with Impact Dashboard program.
Understanding the Investor as a Strategy to Minimize RiskMembers only Login
Isabel Cyr from The CAI Global Group presents on understanding the investor as a strategy to minimize risk.
What is an Incentive? Members only Login
Ellen Harpel, Course Advisor for the Intro Incentives WebCourse, presents on the basics of "What is an incentive?"
Crafting Strategic Incentives: How to Make and Protect your InvestmentsMembers only Login
John Sternlicht from the Economic Development Alliance of Skagit County speaks on crafting strategic incentives in his community
Strategies for Evaluating Economic Development IncentivesMembers only Login
Alison Wakefield from The Pew Charitable Trusts presents on strategies for evaluating economic development incentives.
Reporting and CommunicationMembers only Login
Kara Wood from the City of Grand Rapids presents on reporting and communication standards for economic development incentives in her community.
What is an Incentive? Why is it Important?Members only Login
Katie Kramer, Vice President at CDFA, presents on the importance of understanding incentives in economic development finance.
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