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Financing Energy Improvements on Utility Bills - Case StudiesMembers only Login
This document is the Technical Appendix—Case Studies for the Financing Energy Improvements on Utility Bills: Market Updates and Key Program Design Considerations for Policymakers and Administrators report.
Financing Energy Improvements on Utility Bills - Executive SummaryMembers only Login
Financing Energy Improvements on Utility Bills: Market Updates and Key Program Design Considerations for Policymakers and Administrators provides an overview of the current state of on-bill programs and provides actionable insights on key program...
Financing Energy Improvements on Utility Bills - SummaryMembers only Login
The State and Local Energy Efficiency Action Network provides a summary of updated review and analysis of existing on-bill programs and offers insight on key program design issues for consideration.
Energy Conservation and Energy Production FinancingMembers only Login
Andrea Schroer with Georgia Environmental Finance Authority discusses the many energy financing programs available in Georgia. The presentation also include conservation financing projects including case studies.
Financing Energy Improvements on Utility Bills: Market Updates and Program Design ConsiderationsMembers only Login
The State and Local Energy Efficiency Action Network provides an updated review and analysis of existing on-bill programs and offers insight on key program design issues for consideration.
Bridging the Gap: Unlocking Innovation & Energy FinancingMembers only Login
Mike Aller with Energy Florida explores the innovation and energy programs available in Florida.
Clean Energy Bond Finance Model: Qualified 501(c)(3) Bonds
The Clean Energy + Bond Finance Initiative created this recommended financing model factsheet for clean energy development. The Qualified 501(c)(3) model achieves low-cost capital for renewable energy installations at nonprofit facilities.
Clean Energy Finance through the Bond Market: A New Option for Progress
This report from CDFA, Brookings Institution Metropolitan Policy Program and Clean Energy Group demonstrates the tremendous potential for state and local bonding agencies to support clean energy investment through the bond market.
Costs and Benefits of Natural Gas Development Case StudyMembers only Login
This report from the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center (PBPC) documents the impacts that gas drilling has had on the county economy, roads, housing, social services, schools, and hospitals. The report is part of a larger Multi-State Shale...
Pittsburgh Opera LEED Case StudyMembers only Login
The Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh provides this case study on Pittsburgh Opera’s green initiative to acquire Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Operations and Maintenance Certification for their headquarters.
Largest Commercial PACE Project in the U.S.:The Hilton Los AngelesMembers only Login
PACENow provides a case study on the largest commercial PACE project in the country, the Hilton Los Angeles. Commercial PACE market surpassed the $51M mark in 2013.
Energy Solutions Workshop - Financing Options for Illinois Businesses and Institutions
Illinois Finance Authority emphasizes the use of loans and bonds to provide the lowest cost of capital possible to public, private, and nonprofit borrowers for energy efficiency improvements.
Solarize Connecticut - Phase 1 ReportMembers only Login
This report identifies the key components of Solarize Connecticut based on a highly successful pilot program and lessons learned. In each Solarize community residential solar installations more than doubled during a 20 week period.
Unlocking Solar Energy Finance with PPAs and the Morris ModelMembers only Login
Stephen Pearlman with Inglesino, Pearlman, Wyciskala & Taylor describes the model originally used for solar energy production in Morris County, using a clever combination of tax credits, PPAs, SRECs and accelerated depreciation. The model is...
Future Structure - A New FrameworkMembers only Login
In this edition of Future Structure, experts focus on the strong connectivity between city infrastructure systems, financing future infrastructure, public-private partnerships, and energy strategy in state and local governments.
CDFA-Stern Brothers Renewable Energy Finance Webcast Series: GA & FL Leading Energy Finance Movement in South
During this webcast, Kristofor Anderson of the Georgia Environmental Finance Authority shares how Georgia is leading the way with innovative financing programs to support renewable energy and how they inspire energy development in their community.
Saving Water & Energy Together: Helping Utilities Build Better ProgramsMembers only Login
ACEEE's report profiles recent examples in the residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, and municipal sections with promising partnership models for joint water and energy utility-run programs.
CDFA-Stern Brothers Renewable Energy Finance Webcast Series: Financing Renewable Energy in the Wild Wild WestMembers only Login
During this webcast, David Hurlbut from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, John Kinney of Clean Fund, and Suzanne Linfante from the Nevada Governor's Office of Energy discussed the latest renewable energy financing trends on the west coast.
ACEEE: The 2013 City Energy Efficiency ScorecardMembers only Login
ACEEE's 2013 City Energy Efficiency Scorecard ranks 34 of the most populous U.S. cities on their policies, actions, and implementation process to advance energy efficiency. The data highlights local actions that have resulted in excelling energy...
The Aventine: A Case Study for Energy RetrofitsMembers only Login
The Aventine, built in 1990, serves as a great case study for energy efficiency. Read about its award-winning architectural conception and its more recent transformation into LEED Platinum certification and a perfect-score Energy Star rating.
Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Financing Best PracticesMembers only Login
Anita Molino with Bostonia Partners discusses Energy Efficiency (EE) & Renewable Energy (RE) financing best practices including energy financing basics, issues with aggregation, markets, cost of capital, public-private partnerships, and case studies.
Clean Energy Finance Progress and ProspectsMembers only Login
Michael Paparian with California State Treasurer's Office reports on the state of energy financing, specifically with emerging or nontraditional financing models for clean energy investment at the state level. Paparian discusses financing sources...
Reduce Risk, Increase Clean Energy: How States & Cities Are Using Old Finance Tools To Scale Up A New Industry
The Clean Energy + Bond Finance Initiative released this report detailing how states and cities are using bonds and other existing tools to finance clean energy development. The report explores state and city examples of new financial structures,...
Oregon Department of Energy - Energy Loan ProgramMembers only Login
The State Energy Loan Program (SELP) offers low-interest loans for projects that: save energy; produce energy from renewable resources such as water, wind, geothermal, solar, biomass, waste materials or waste heat; use recycled materials to create...
City of Southfield - PACE Program ReportMembers only Login
The City of Southfield established the City of Southfield Property Assessed Clean Energy Program pursuant to Act 270 of 2010 by joining Lean & Green Michigan™. The PACE Program has identified specific sources of commercial funding to finance the...
PACE Financing: California's Next Gold Rush
Kate Meis, Associate Director of California's Local Government Commission presents an overview of the state's Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing opportunities. PACE programs have significant positive economic and fiscal impacts $4...
ODSA Office of Energy Technical and Financial ResourcesMembers only Login
Chad Smith with Ohio Development Services Agency discusses the State's energy policy, goals and resources. Smith shares detailed information about the Energy Loan Fund and provides a couple case studies that have successfully made use of the program.
Economic Impact of Renewable Development: The Camilla Solar FarmMembers only Login
Bradley Francis of Solar Design & Development discusses the Camilla Solar Farm Development Project and the impact that such developments have had across the state of Georgia.
Local Chambers as Change Agents - Creating Economic Vitality Through Clean Energy and InnovationMembers only Login
The Chambers for Innovation and Clean Energy created this report as the first to comprehensively profile the leadership of local chambers of commerce in the clean energy sector. Through the survey of hundreds of chambers and development of in depth...
PA Keystone HELP Program Case-StudyMembers only Login
Bostonia Partners produced a case-study detailing the Keystone Home Energy Loan Program (HELP) which provides low interest rate consumer loans for energy saving improvements. The loans are made possible via State Treasury executing a secondary...
Commonwealth Financing Authority 2012 Annual ReportMembers only Login
State of Pennsylvania released the 2012 Annual Report for the Commonwealth Financing Authority. The report tracks a diverse range of development finance programs aimed at addressing all areas of the state. Each program and tool are accompanied by an...
Texas Renewable Energy Industry ReportMembers only Login
The Texas Renewable Energy Industry Report is a very detailed assessment of the state's renewable energy portfolio. The report is balanced with information and data highlighting case studies. financial incentives, consumption by energy source,...
Setting the PACE: Financing Commercial RetrofitsMembers only Login
Johnson Controls published a detailed report covering Property Assessed Clean Energy financing. The report explores the history of PACE, current market conditions, various financing models, case studies, and more.
Financing Renewable Energy: Components of a Financeable RE ProjectMembers only Login
Rich Cogen at Nixon Peabody and Stephen Tracy at Novogradac & Company present project components, physical and legal, and development cycle for the successful financing for a renewable energy project.
Financing Renewable Energy: State and Local SubsidiesMembers only Login
Tony Grappone at Novogradac & Company and Ruth Silman at Nixon Peabody focus on the wide variety of state and local portfolios and subsidies for renewable energy projects.
Financing Renewable Energy: Ownership StructuresMembers only Login
Forrest Milder at Nixon Peabody and Stephen Tracy of Novogradac & Company present various ownership models and describe the important relationship between financing model and ownership structure.
A Smorgasbord of Innovative Financing ModelsMembers only Login
Jeffrey Greenberger with Affordable Community Energy presents a unique housing development and energy project that incorporated multiple tax credits and federal development finance tools.
Case Study: Solar Project Using PPA and State Program Members only Login
Tioga Energy case study for a solar project in Santa Barbara financed through a Power Purchase Agreement, state program, and City Council.
Case Study: Solar Project Using Bonds, SRECs, and a PPAMembers only Login
Tioga Energy case study of a solar project financed using county bonds, Solar Renewable Energy Credits, and a Power Purchase Agreement.
Case Study: Solar PPA and SRECsMembers only Login
Tioga Energy case study of a Solar Power Purchase Agreement and use of Solar Renewable Energy Credits.
Baseball & Brownfields Workshop
Sarah Gentile with New Jersey Dept. of Environmental Protection presents about N.J.'s extensive and successful measures to promote renewable energy development.
Ohio Office of Energy's Technical and Financial ToolsMembers only Login
Chad Smith of Ohio's Office of Energy discusses the state's programs to support energy efficiency and renewable energy, primarily including the Energy Loan Fund.
Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance Organizational OverviewMembers only Login
Jenell Hubbard of Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance covers the organization's loan programs for residential, commercial, and nonprofit energy efficiency improvements.
Current Issues in Ohio Energy FinanceMembers only Login
Ohio's Energy Special Improvement Districts, the state of Property Assessed Clean Energy, and a successfully-operating program are all covered by Caleb Bell of Bricker & Eckler LLP.
Collaborative Procurement of Offshore Wind EnergyMembers only Login
This report by Mark Sinclair, Melissa Haugh, Baird Brown, and Carolyn Elefant was produced by Clean Energy States Alliance to discuss the possibility of inter-state collaboration on the financing of offshore wind.
Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds ReportMembers only Login
This report on QECBs from Energy Programs Consortium provides information on the bonds, case studies of issuances and programs, and a list of all state activity to date.
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