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Spatial Finance Tools for RedevelopmentMembers only Login
In this presentation, Nancey Green Leigh highlights some of the financing tools used in Georgia for brownfield redevelopment such as BIDs and TIFs,
CDFA // BNY Mellon Webcast Series: What's Special About Special Assessment Financing?Members only Login
During this CDFA // BNY Mellon Development Finance Webcast, the diverse nature of special assessment financing is showcased with examples from around the nation.
CDFA // BNY Mellon Webcast Series: What's Special About Special Assessment Financing?Members only Login
During this CDFA // BNY Mellon Development Finance Webcast, the elements and diverse nature of special assessment financing is showcased with examples from around the nation.
An Overview of Special Purpose Taxing DistrictsMembers only Login
The National Association of Home Builders published this report focusing on Special Purpose Taxing Districts, a more efficient and effective way to fund public improvements in advance of growth, while at the same time ensuring that new growth pays...
District Based Development Finance- Dallas' TOD, TIF, & Tourism PIDMembers only Login
Karl Stundins, Area Redevelopment Manager for the City of Dallas, provides an in-depth look at district based finance tools used in Dallas.
Getting to Green: Paying for Stormwater and Green InfrastructureMembers only Login
The U.S. EPA released this report as a general guide local decision-makers, summarizing the advantages and disadvantages of the funding sources for green infrastructure and stormwater utilities in particular.
Combining TIF with Special AssessmentsMembers only Login
John Brancaglione from PGAV Planners explains how St. Louis combined tax increment finance with special assessment. The finance was used to build a levee and prevent flooding in the district.
Financing Toolbox Drilldown Sessions and The TIF & Special Assessment BoomMembers only Login
Price Finley, Esq. with Bricker & Eckler LLP described types of tax increment financing and special assessments and what they can be used for. He used an example of a suburban in-fill redevelopment in Upper Arlington, Ohio.
Deals You Should Do!Members only Login
Stephen Friedman, President of SB Friedman, cover the ways individual development finance tools can be combine to create the extraordinary deals that bring about amazing developments. From TIF and special assessment to the full municipal credit and...
Targeted Financing StrategiesMembers only Login
Brent Jeffcoat of Pope Zeigler Law Firm discusses the different financing strategies and sources that can be utilized. Jeffcoat also provides several TIF case studies.
Florida's Special DistrictsMembers only Login
Jack Gaskins Jr. with the Florida Dept. of Economic Opportunity explains the basics of special districts, their benefits, different types of special districts, and the accountability program in Florida.
An Overview of Special Purpose Taxing DistrictsMembers only Login
This publication from the National Association of Home Builders provides an overview of using special purpose taxing districts for public improvements.
Pennsylvania Economic Development Tools: Including the NIZ, the CRIZ, and TIFsMembers only Login
Scott Shearer with Public Financial Management describes Pennsylvania's unique targeted redevelopment tools, their structuring, benefits, and differences from one another.
Redevelopment Realities -Tools that Work Members only Login
Chuck Warbington with Gwinnett Village discusses their experiences as Community Improvement Districts to catalyze public improvements that spur private investment.
What is a Business Improvement District?Members only Login
This guide from SB Friedman defines tax increment financing and addresses the policies and procedures for creating a Business Improvement District or similar district.
Business Improvement District FactsheetMembers only Login
A Business Improvement District (BID) or a Principal Shopping District (PSD) allows a municipality to collect revenues, levy special assessments and issue bonds in order to address the maintenance, security and operation of that district. This fact...
CDFA-Stifel Webcast: Advancing Small-Town America With Innovative FinancingMembers only Login
In the first installment of the CDFA-Stifel Small, Medium and Rural Community Development Finance Webcast Series, speakers focus on funding tools to make economic development more effective in rural areas as well as successful case studies.
Understanding Tax Increment Finance - NLC Conference 2014
Toby Rittner with CDFA breaks down tax increment financing (TIF), the process of creating TIF districts, special assessments and districts, the tool's ability to catalyze investment, best practices when implementing TIF, and much more.
Putting the NIZ Into PerspectiveMembers only Login
This presentation gives a overview of Allentown's Neighborhood Improvement Zone (NIZ), including a map, benefits and challenges, and a context for the bigger picture.
TID Economic Feasibility Study - City of MilwaukeeMembers only Login
This example of a TID economic feasibility study provides project background and study approach, business park market analysis, retail market analysis, residential market analysis, and TID revenues and bond capacity for a proposed district within...
TIF: A Tale of Two CitiesMembers only Login
Christine Reynolds with Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP and Peter Englander with Portland Development Commission speak on TIF by comparing situations in Portland and Wilsonville, and studying recent trends.
Market Feasibility Study - SPARC Revitalization InitiativeMembers only Login
Vice President of RKG Associates shares a detailed approach to project and market feasibility studies to support revitalization efforts. The presentations includes project approach, considerations, project examples, and deliverables.
Resource Guide: Economic Incentive AgreementsMembers only Login
SB Friedman created a resource guide detailing economic incentive agreements, also known as sales tax sharing agreements. The objective of these agreements is to provide a source of funds to make high impact projects feasible that would otherwise...
Essay: The Case of Business Improvement DistrictsMembers only Login
This paper explores how Business Improvement Districts dissolve public–private complexities to create new hybrid partnerships for mutually beneficial community and business development.
CDFA-Stifel Nicolaus Innovative Deals: RetailMembers only Login
During this installment of the CDFA-Stifel Nicolaus Innovative Deals Webcast Series, we featured the latest in downtown retail development. Speakers highlighted two recent projects that have served as catalysts for downtown renewal and discussed how...
Strategic Economics: Transit-Oriented Infrastructure FinanceMembers only Login
Sarah Graham with Strategic Economics offers solutions to overcoming many challenges associated with implementing transit-oriented development. Graham points to particular planning strategies, research, funding sources, and financing tools.
Tax Increment Financing: A Success-Driven ToolMembers only Login
As featured in the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco's Community Development Investment Review: Pay for Success Financing, CDFA President Toby Rittner provides a basic understanding of Tax Increment Finance and what makes TIF so successful....
Pushing the Envelope on Brownfield Remediation: Maximizing Limited Resources Through Alternative Funding SourcesMembers only Login
This article by Michael Goodstein, Kathleen Trinward, and Ann Lynch discusses redevelopment strategies to resolve complex financing issues at brownfield sites and uses case studies to highlight successes at two complicated brownfields.
Investing in Illinois: Tax Increment Finance Programs
James Snyder with Ice Miller presented tax increment financing programs and options to combine TIF with other public/private tools. Snyder emphasizes the importance of TIF in redevelopment and opportunities to transform communities. Furthermore,...
Tax Increment Financing and Residential Incentive DistrictsMembers only Login
Squire Sanders shared this presentation on Tax Increment Financing and Residential Incentive Districts. The presentations provides TIF overview, potential public infrastructure improvements, general TIF considerations, eligibility, tax revenue...
Champaign Major Redevelopment Incentive ProgramMembers only Login
The Major RIP is a grant program utilized by Champaign to provide financial assistance for permanent building and site improvements on parcels located within TIF Districts.
Building for Tomorrow: Innovative Infrastructure SolutionsMembers only Login
The National Associate of Home Builders published Innovative Infrastructure Solutions which examines the financially straining need for cities, towns and counties to expand and maintain infrastructure. This document demonstrates truly innovative...
MI Business Improvement District Fact SheetMembers only Login
Brief program overview of Michigan's Business Improvement District/ Principal Shopping District/ Business Improvement Zone special assessment districts.
Special Improvement District: Tool for Targeting InvestmentMembers only Login
Gregory Davis at Ohio State University briefly explains special improvement/assessment districts and how they work.
CDFA Tax Increment Finance Resource Center
The CDFA Tax Increment Finance Resource Center is a one-stop hub for all of the resources, reports, headlines, and projects that CDFA collects and publishes related to tax increment finance (TIF). Find links to resource tags, market reports,...
Special Assessments as a Value Capture Strategy for Public Transit FinanceMembers only Login
This study, authored by Jerry Zhao and Kerstin Larson, evaluates the applicability of special assessments in funding public transits on the basis of four criteria: efficiency, equity, sustainability, and feasibility. The authors discuss suitable...
The Interaction Between BIDs and Local Government in the Provision of Public GoodsMembers only Login
Using unique, neighborhood-level data from New York City, Rachel Meltzer found that BIDs are associated with a significant, but substantively small, shift in the allocation of police and sanitation services. However, after instrumenting for BID...
The Effect of Business Improvement Districts on the Incidence of Violent CrimesMembers only Login
John MacDonald of The University of Pennsylvania examined whether business improvement districts (BID) contributed to greater than expected declines in the incidence of violent crimes in affected neighborhoods. He found that the implementation of...
Tax Increment Financing and Special Assessment DistrictsMembers only Login
This presentation by Stern Brothers covers the basics of tax increment finance.
Advanced Tax Increment Finance Reference Guide
The Advanced Tax Increment Finance Reference Guide is the latest offering of CDFA’s nationally acclaimed Development Finance Training Institute in partnership with the Council’s Tax Increment Finance Coalition. The Advanced TIF Guide builds upon...
Targeted Tools: Assessment Districts and Tax Increment FinanceMembers only Login
Ken Powell of Stone & Youngberg addresses the basics of tax increment financing in this presentation.
The Problem with Being Special - Democratic Values and Special AssessmentsMembers only Login
Vladimir Kogan and Mathew D. McCubbins analyze how local governments have adopted evermore complex financial mechanisms to balance their budgets, in the face of voter-imposed tax limitations. Specifically, they examine how municipalities in...
National Trends in Special District FinancingMembers only Login
This presentation by Ken Powell of Stone & Youngberg examines recent trends and developments in the use of tax increment finance.
TIF Financing Variations
Alan Cason, partner at McGuireWoods LLP, and Ken Powell, managing director, Stone & Youngberg LLC discuss financing variations for TIF projects. The presentation contains several case study examples.
Case Studies: A Look at TIF, Special Districts, Credits & Overlays
Ken Powell of Stone & Youngberg LLC discusses case study examples of how TIF, special assessment districts, credits and overlays have worked to help transform communities in Viriginia.
Tax Increment Finance Best Practices Reference Guide
The Council of Development Finance Agencies (CDFA), Stifel Nicolaus & Company, Inc., and the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) have collaborated with teams of Tax Increment Finance (TIF) experts from across the country to develop the...
CDFA/NCEDA Tax Increment Financing Seminar: National Trends in Special District Financing
Ken Powell presents case study examples of national trends in special district financing. These case studies look at projects that utilize special district financing and overlays to enhance typical TIF deals.
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