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Search Results: Understanding Energy Finance
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Financing Low-Carbon Buildings and Energy Efficiency in the Green Bond MarketMembers only Login
There are substantial opportunities to leverage green bonds to finance low-carbon buildings and energy efficiency in the country. Issuance across the world shows that capital markets can be accessed to finance energy efficiency and buildings....
Farmers' Guide to Solar and Wind Energy in MNMembers only Login
In 2017, Minnesota ranked seventh in the nation for wind power generation and sixth in the nation for solar power generation With the potential for further growth in this sector, many farmers across rural Minnesota are considering whether...
CDFA // BNY Mellon Webcast Series: Picking Up the PACE State by StateMembers only Login
During this installment of the CDFA // BNY Mellon Webcast Series, Caleb Bell with Bricker & Eckler LLP and David Gabrielson with PACENation discussed the best practices in crafting PACE enabling legislation as well as case studies of some of the...
Solar Lending Practices by Community and Regional Financial Institutions Members only Login
Current projections of solar photovoltaic (PV) system costs and deployment in the United States indicate substantial capital requirements over the next 30 years and beyond. Concurrently, community and regional financial institutions (CRFIs),...
Legal, Policy & Regulatory ConsiderationsMembers only Login
In order for PACE programs to be successful, there are a complex set of legal requirements and financial guidelines that must be taken into consideration. These policies allow the tool to function as well as bring about financial viability for the...
Understanding PACEMembers only Login
David Gabrielson will explain the basic concepts of PACE and how it is beneficial for the energy industry.
Direct Federal Financial Interventions and Subsidies in Energy in Fiscal Year 2016Members only Login
This report—an update based on Fiscal Year 2016 data—continues a series of U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) reports on federal direct financial interventions and subsidies into energy markets. EIA assigns within-scope U.S. tax and direct...
PACE Financing OptionsMembers only Login
David Rogers explores the many starting funds that can be used for capitalization options for the initial investments into a PACE district, including bonds, grants, loans and more. David also focuses on the process of issuing PACE bonds.
Owning the Benefits of Solar+StorageMembers only Login
This report from the Clean Energy Group is intended to start a discussion of the broad range of options for owning and financing solar+storage systems. It is designed to open up the conversation to explore a variety of models, including PACE...
PACE Players and Their Roles
Andrew Meyer from Twain Financial Partners presents on PACE Players in PACE deals and their roles.
Creative Financing Strategies - Green Bank Principles and the NY Green Bank Members only Login
Unique development financing solutions are increasingly sought after to complete projects of all sizes, and it is often necessary to find creative approaches that involve combining multiple financing tools. Andrew Levine of Stradley Ronon Stevens &...
Property Assessed Clean Energy - A One-Page OverviewMembers only Login
PACENation provides a one-page overview of property assessed clean energy, explaining what is PACE, how it works, why it is popular, and how to get started using PACE.
2017 CDFA Michigan Financing Roundtable WebinarMembers only Login
The 2017 CDFA Michigan Financing Roundtable Webinar discusses the latest and greatest in Development Finance across the state. The webinar includes two sessions: Development Finance Current Events Review and The Michigan Bond Market. Experts, Craig...
Energy Development Finance in WashingtonMembers only Login
Juliana Williams, Senior Sustainable Energy Analyst with the Washington State Housing Finance Commission gives an overview of Energy Development Finance in Washington.
Clean energy Development Finance in WashingtonMembers only Login
John MacLean, President of Energy Finance Corporation, discusses case studies in energy finance and the case for commercial sector PACE legislation for the state of Washington.
Craft3, Lending to People and Investing for ResilienceMembers only Login
Brad Hunter, Senior Business Lender with Craft3 discusses lending to people and investing for resilience with Craft3 in energy development finance.
Energy Investment Partnerships: Product Offerings & Market Assessment
Factsheet 2 of the Energy Investment Partnerships covers clean energy through bond markets, credit enhancements and capital markets, property assessed clean energy, and market assessment.
Energy Investment Partnerships: What Is It & How to Get Started
CDFA and the U.S. Department of Energy have partnered to produce the Energy Investment Partnerships Webinar Series and a set of four Fact Sheets. Each Fact Sheet will summarize the best practices covered in the corresponding webinar and provides...
Making it Count: Understanding the Value of Energy Efficiency Financing Programs Funded by Utility CustomersMembers only Login
The State and Local Energy Efficiency Action Network examines various policy and regulatory mechanisms that can be used to ensure that efficiency financing initiatives provide value for society and protection for consumers. Featuring case studies...
Six Stages of Solar BankabilityMembers only Login
In this paper, ABB examines the first five stages of solar development to see how the decisions made during the development process affect a project’s bankability. ABB then takes a look at a crucial sixth stage, customer enablement. This stage...
Legal Issues in PACE FinancingMembers only Login
Caleb Bell of Bricker & Eckler provides an overview of several legal issues involved utilizing PACE financing. He provides specifics regarding state authorizing legislation, special assessments, lien priority, federal regulatory issues, and state...
Opportunities in Debt and Capital Financing MarketsMembers only Login
Teveia Barnes from IBank gives a brief overview of IBank's various financial programs.
Developing and Financing MicrogridsMembers only Login
This presentation by Ballard Spahr provides an overview of the tools and incentives available to finance microgrids.
Financing Solutions for Rural Energy ProjectsMembers only Login
Brent Knight of CoBank presents many details on the financing necessary for energy projects specifically in rural areas elaborating on the debt capital, industry acceptances, credit considerations and more.
Credit Enhancements and Capital Markets to Fund Solar Deployment: Leveraging Public Funds to Open Private Sector Investment Members only Login
In this report by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, ways to use public funds to catalyze private investment in solar energy are explored.
What Cities Should Do: A Guide to Resilient Power PlanningMembers only Login
In this paper by the Clean Energy Group, program and policy information, finance tools, and best practices are explored concerning resilient power and disaster planning.
Public-Private Clean Energy FinanceMembers only Login
Jason Rittenberg of CDFA introduces several energy financing programs from around the country giving an idea of the spectrum of tools available for economic development organizations involved in clean energy finance.
Energy Efficiency Finance ProductsMembers only Login
A comparison of products that work best in the residential and commercial energy finance markets and why they work is given by Matthew Brown of Harcourt Brown & Carey, Energy & Finance, Inc.
Renewable Energy Projects: Legal, Policy and Regulatory IssuesMembers only Login
Darin Lowder from Ballard Spahr reviews legal issues related to renewable energy finance, with an emphasis on federal tax credit restrictions and structures.
Introduction to Energy Efficiency FinanceMembers only Login
Casey Bell of the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) introduces the importance of energy efficiency including local & state policies, effective administration, driving demand and more.
Chicago Infrastructure Trust: Projects & Financing OpportunitiesMembers only Login
Claire Tramm, Energy Director for the Chicago Infrastructure Trust, discusses the financing structure and process of several energy programs being used in Illinois.
Financing Resilient Power ProjectsMembers only Login
This report from Clean Energy Group examines how to finance resilient power projects using a warehouse facility credit. The report suggest a bundling of loans for resilient power projects to achieve scale in the clean energy market.
CDFA-Stifel Webcast: Paving the Way to Sustainable Rural Infrastructure and Energy FinancingMembers only Login
The various targeted financing solutions to revitalize rural infrastructure and energy systems is explained in this webcast by Gary Bojes, Ph.D. of USDA, Bennett Johnson III of Ocean's Energy, Andrew Jacob with CoBank, and Christopher Sheehan of...
CDFA-Stifel Webcast: Paving the Way to Sustainable Rural Infrastructure and Energy FinancingMembers only Login
The various targeted financing solutions to revitalize rural infrastructure and energy systems is explained in this webcast by Gary Bojes, Ph.D. of USDA, Bennett Johnson III of Ocean's Energy, Andrew Jacob with CoBank, and Christopher Sheehan of...
Building a Climate-Resilient Great LakesMembers only Login
In this report by the Northeast-Midwest Institute, various forms of federal assistance funds are discussed. These funds cover a wide range of areas that help build a climate-resilient economy.
Renewables 2014: Global Status Report
The Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century (REN21) details the status of the renewable energy market in this report. Market, industry, and investment trends, as well as the policy landscape are examined.
Innovations in Financing Clean EnergyMembers only Login
Several speakers outline recent innovations in the use of bonds and power purchase agreements for clean energy initiatives.
Santee Cooper & SC Electric Cooperatives FinancingMembers only Login
Jeff Ruble of Santee Cooper discusses the different financing mechanisms available for energy projects.
Trends Shaping Our Clean Energy FutureMembers only Login
This annual report by IREC presents information and a perspective on the year’s renewable energy and energy efficiency progress and challenges across the U.S., and recommendations that are helping shape clean energy's future.
Financing Energy Efficiency and RenewablesMembers only Login
Doug Lamb with McGuireWoods gave this presentation at the South Carolina Jobs-Economic Development Authority 2013 Bond Summit in Charleston, outlining the planning process, deal structuring, market trends and incentives for financing clean energy...
Regulatory Impact Analysis for the Proposed Carbon Pollution Guidelines for Existing Power Plants and Emission Standards for Modified and Reconstructed Power PlantsMembers only Login
This Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA) discusses potential benefits, costs, and economic impacts of the proposed Emission Guidelines for Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Existing Stationary Sources: Electric Utility Generating Units and also from...
Community Solar Guide: Utility, Private, and Non-Profit Project DevelopmentMembers only Login
This guide from the US DOE is designed as a resource to shows the range of incentives and policies for operational community solar projects while providing examples. Additionally, this guide suggests changes in the regulatory landscape that could...
Financing Energy Improvements on Utility Bills - Executive SummaryMembers only Login
Financing Energy Improvements on Utility Bills: Market Updates and Key Program Design Considerations for Policymakers and Administrators provides an overview of the current state of on-bill programs and provides actionable insights on key program...
Financing Energy Improvements on Utility Bills - SummaryMembers only Login
The State and Local Energy Efficiency Action Network provides a summary of updated review and analysis of existing on-bill programs and offers insight on key program design issues for consideration.
Energy Conservation and Energy Production FinancingMembers only Login
Andrea Schroer with Georgia Environmental Finance Authority discusses the many energy financing programs available in Georgia. The presentation also include conservation financing projects including case studies.
Financing Energy Improvements on Utility Bills: Market Updates and Program Design ConsiderationsMembers only Login
The State and Local Energy Efficiency Action Network provides an updated review and analysis of existing on-bill programs and offers insight on key program design issues for consideration.
Bridging the Gap: Unlocking Innovation & Energy FinancingMembers only Login
Mike Aller with Energy Florida explores the innovation and energy programs available in Florida.
Energy Finance in FloridaMembers only Login
Doug Coward with Solar and Energy Loan Fund discusses different types of energy savings products as well as the results to date.
Putting Concepts into Practice: Triple Bottom Line Economic DevelopmentMembers only Login
This casebook was compiled by the Triple Bottom Line Tool to illustrate how triple bottom line elements can be incorporated into economic development investment.
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