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CDFA-Bricker Graydon Webinar Series: Catalyzing Transformative Redevelopment with TIF
During this installment of the CDFA-Bricker Graydon Webinar Series, we explore the creative ways to use TIF and how to facilitate the successful financing of high-impact revitalization projects.
First Half of 2023: Ohio Industrial Project Surge 
Columbus-Franklin County Finance Authority stated that despite stubborn inflation and labor shortages, development continues at a steady pace throughout central Ohio. Deals they closed will help finance a variety of infrastructure projects, and they...
2023 Rural Development Finance Toolkit
The purpose of this toolkit is to provide an overview of the tools in the development finance toolbox -- such as bonds, tax increment finance, tax credits, and revolving loan funds -- and how they can direct and attract capital to rural businesses...
Primer on California’s Tax Increment Financing Tools 2nd EditionMembers only Login
The California Association for Local Economic Development (CALED) created a technical committee on tax increment financing (TIF) to share knowledge and resources to help communities leverage these tools. This primer was prepared by CALED’s technical...
CDFA Food Systems Finance Best Practices Guidebook
Linking development finance and food systems can be a daunting undertaking for any community. Research on the current ecosystem of food systems finance has positioned CDFA to identify key strategies for the path ahead in this work. The Food Systems...
State Resilience and Recovery: Strategies to Reduce Inequality and Promote Prosperity by Creating Better PlacesMembers only Login
Federal, state, and local policies profoundly affect nearly every aspect of American neighborhoods, including their economic vitality, their shape and form, their social fabric, and their forms of self-governance. The conditions facing American...
Embracing Placemaking as a Core State Strategy Members only Login
To achieve the broader range of positive impact possible with place-based investments, policymakers at all levels should take an integrated approach to transformative placemaking, which enables them to design their strategies and evaluate their...
Quantifying the Placemaking EffectMembers only Login
The Michigan Economic Development Corporation’s (MEDC) focus on direct community investment is unique among its state-level peers. A strategy of MEDC Community Development Incentives (CDI) Programs is to identify and actualize place-based investment...
CDFA // BNY Mellon Development Finance Webcast Series: Layering the Capital Stack
This webinar discussed how Bonds, Tax Increment Finance, Tax Credits as well as the litany of federal funding through recent legislation can work for your project and ultimately the community that is benefitting.
STAR Bonds Financing Program - August 2021 Evaluation and AuditMembers only Login
This report evaluates Kansas' STAR bonds financing program’s economic and fiscal impact by answering two questions: 1) Do current STAR bond attractions satisfy the Department of Commerce’s tourism-related goals; and 2) How long will it take the...
Value Capture Strategies: Tax Increment FinancingMembers only Login
This FHWA webinar discusses how Tax Increment Financing (TIF) can be utilized as a value capture strategy for transportation projects. The webinar is intended for professionals from States, cities, counties, Tribes, and metropolitan and rural...
Wisconsin TIF - 2020 in ReviewMembers only Login
Baker Tilly is sharing their inaugural Wisconsin TIF Data Book. This report summarizes key metrics, trends and insights on Tax Increment Financing (TIF) in this state. TIF is the most powerful economic development financial tool for Wisconsin...
Impact in Place: Emerging Sources of Community Investment Capital and Strategies to Direct It at ScaleMembers only Login
Recognizing the urgency of the pandemic and related crises, on June 7, 2021, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York approached the U.S. Impact Investing Alliance to write a report about the current landscape of capital sources for community investment...
How States Can Direct Economic Development to Places and People in NeedMembers only Login
To address local disparities and help struggling areas thrive, governments at all levels have spent billions of dollars on a range of geographically targeted, or "place-based," economic development programs — mostly in the form of financial...
CDFA Reframe, Build, Plan: Restoring America's Local Food Systems
CDFA released the final publication of the CDFA Food Finance White Paper Series, Advancing Local Food Systems Through Development Finance. This webinar provides an overview of this publication as we review CDFA's framework for expanding traditional...
CDFA - PFM Capital Markets Webinar Series: Pricing Private Activity Bonds in Complex Capital StacksMembers only Login
During this installment of the CDFA-PFM Capital Markets Webinar Series, project finance experts and issuers discussed the viability of how private activity bond deals can fit into complex capital stacks.
The Impact of Projects Facilitated by the Texas Sales Tax for Economic DevelopmentMembers only Login
The Perryman Group, in collaboration with TEDC, was recently asked to (1) provide a perspective on the importance of proactive economic development and (2) estimate the economic benefits of projects facilitated by the sales tax for economic...
Cultivating Development: Trends and Opportunities at the Intersection of Food and Real EstateMembers only Login
Cultivating Development explores the mutually beneficial relationship between food-based amenities—such as working farms, community gardens, food halls, restaurants, and grocery stores—and real estate. Developers, owners, property managers,...
CDFA // BNY Mellon Development Finance Webcast Series: To TIF or Not to TIF
During this installment of the CDFA // BNY Mellon Development Finance Webcast Series experts examined the best strategies local governments and analysts are using to determine appropriate TIF assistance levels.
Effectiveness of TIF in Austin, TXMembers only Login
The City’s use of tax increment financing in four TIF districts has resulted in positive benefits, including increased tax revenues, redevelopment of disused property, removal of land from a floodplain, and development of more housing. The City...
TIF Feasibility Analysis and Underwriting - Tony SmithMembers only Login
Tony Smith with SB Friedman presents on TIF Feasbility Analysis and Underwriting.
TIF Feasibility Analysis and Underwriting - Lindsay BannerMembers only Login
Lindsay Banner with ORIX presents on TIF Feasibility Analysis and Underwriting.
TIF and the Project's "Capital Stack" - Price Finley, Emily MetzlerMembers only Login
Price Finley with Bricker & Eckler and Emily Metzler with Municap present on TIF and the Project's Capital Stack.
Atypical TIF Structures You Should Know - Keenan Rice, Alan Cason, PatrickTerranova, Kip Wahlers, Joe KimbellMembers only Login
Keenan Rice, Alan Cason, PatrickTerranova, Kip Wahlers, and Joe Kimbell present Atypical TIF Structures You Should Know.
CDFA Food Finance White Paper Series: Food Systems & Targeted Tools
This white paper is part of a series examining the potential creation of a food systems asset class which supports the market growth of local and regional food systems. This paper focuses specifically on targeted financing tools that can be used to...
CDFA // BNY Mellon Webcast Series: The Landscape of Mega Project InitiativesMembers only Login
During this installment of the CDFA // BNY Mellon Webcast Series, expert speakers from CAI Global, Baltimore Development Corporation, Arlington Economic Development, and VEDP provided an in-depth overview of the approaches being used by cities,...
Franklin County, OH TIF Deal for La Plaza Tapatia
The first County-Township parcel TIF (tax increment financing) enacted by Franklin County for a new location and expansion of a regional ethnic grocer: La Plaza Tapatia (the Developer), in Franklin Township.
The Hatchery Chicago Fact SheetMembers only Login
The Hatchery Chicago is a non-profit food business incubator that enables local entrepreneurs to build and grow successful businesses. Accion, the area’s largest microlender, and ICNC, which runs one of the largest business incubators in the...
Improving Tax Increment Financing for Economic DevelopmentMembers only Login
In this recently released policy brief from the Lincoln Land Institute, author David Merriman highlights previous incidents of TIF misuse around the country and offers recommendations for best practices.
MN 2017 Tax Increment Financing Legislative ReportMembers only Login
This audit, produced by Minnesota State Auditor Rebecca Otto, details the impacts of Tax Increment Financing (TIF) in the State of Minnesota during the 2017 calendar year.
Historic Redevelopment in DallasMembers only Login
Kristian Teleki with Matthews Southwest, Jon Hubach with City of Dallas and Christie Allardyce with Merriman Anderson present on all aspects of the redevelopment of Old Dallas High School.
Innovations in Tax Increment FinanceMembers only Login
Alan Ferguson with InvestAtlanta presents on the Community Builders Program supported by TIF funding.
Assembling Capital for Adaptive Reuse - OHMembers only Login
Ryan Kozak with Huntington Capital Markets and Caleb Bell with Bricker & Eckler LLP present on the redevelopment of the Cleveland Athletic Club.
Can Tax Increment Financing Support Transportation Infrastructure Investment?Members only Login
This report by Murtaza Haider and Liam Donaldson reviews alternative sources of revenue to support new infrastructure and other development projects for which municipal funds are not readily available. This report reviews two such instruments: Tax...
Tax Increment Financing: Making the Best Deal for Your CommunityMembers only Login
Daniel Lindstrom and Karl Frantz present on TIF and making the best deal for your community at the Wisconsin American Planning Association Annual Conference
An Analysis of Tax Increment Financing in the Greater LA Crosse Region in WIMembers only Login
This report provides a summary of tax incremental financing (TIF) in the greater La Crosse region, with a focus on the City of La Crosse. Several key findings and policy considerations are highlighted in the report.
Understanding Tax Increment Financing DistrictsMembers only Login
The Vermont Economic Progress Council presents on understanding Tax Increment Financing Districts
An Elected Official's Guide to Tax Increment FinancingMembers only Login
Each year state and local governments invest in economic development strategies to promote growth in their local economies. Over the past two decades the preeminent tool for achieving economic goals has been tax increment financing (TIF). Nicholas...
Improving Tax Increment Financing for Economic DevelopmentMembers only Login
David Merriman from the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy explains how tax increment financing (TIF) districts work, illustrates TIF use with case studies from around the country, discusses the rationales for using TIF, describes TIF’s potential...
The Latest on Tax Increment Financing in Ohio Members only Login
TIF is perennially one of the nation’s most effective and popular development finance tools, but also one of its most misunderstood and controversial. The types of projects that TIF supports in Ohio are diverse, making TIF a very flexible financing...
CDFA // BNY Mellon Webcast Series: Tax Increment Finance (TIF) - Innovation & TrendsMembers only Login
The results of TIF have been compelling since its inception as a development finance tool. Lending itself to flexibility and creativity, TIF has perennially supported diverse projects across diverse communities throughout the U.S. During this...
Tax Increment finance District a Tool for Addressing Issues Facing Small CitiesMembers only Login
John Taylor from Stephen F Austin State University writes about the use of Tax Increment Finance in the city of Chandler in Texas.
Tax Increment Financing: Learning from Research and Municipal "Best Practice"Members only Login
This issue brief describes some of the notable research on Tax Increment Financing and reviews the challenges associated with the use of this technique. This issue brief is written by Natalia Ermasova and Amanda George from Governors State...
Tax Increment Financing in Rochelle, IL
TESKA presents an introduction on Tax Increment Financing in Rochelle, IL
The Use of Tax Increment Financing in NebraskaMembers only Login
The Platte Institute discusses three case studies about the use of Tax Increment Finance in Nebraska.
Tax Increment Financing: A Case Study of Johnson CountyMembers only Login
Peter Fisher from the Iowa Fiscal Partnership writes a report on Tax Increment Financing and the impact it had on Johnson County
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