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CDFA Texas Webinar: Driving Economic Development with TIRZ
TIF, also known as TIRZ in Texas, is a flexible tool with multiple variations as to the specific revenue sources it can generate and the different ways these revenues are used to support projects financings. During this webinar, presenters will...
The Use of TIF in IllinoisMembers only Login
One of the most popular topics at the Illinois Financing Roundtable is how tax increment financing is used to finance projects across the state. We'll feature that topic again this year, but with a twist. Herb Klein with Jacob & Klein explores the...
The Impact of Tax Increment Financing on Illinois CommunitiesMembers only Login
One of the most popular topics at the Illinois Financing Roundtable is how tax increment financing is used to finance projects across the state. We'll feature that topic again this year, but with a twist. Maureen Barry of Ehlers Inc. explores the...
Larry Kosmont, EIFDs & CRIAs Do They Fill the TIF Void?Members only Login
Larry Kosmont from Kosmont companies look at the how enhanced infrastructure financing districts (EIFDs) and community revitalization and investment authorities (CRIAs) can be used to fill the TIF void in California.
User Guide for Maryland Sustainable Community RevitalizationMembers only Login
The Models and Guidelines document will help the general public, elected officials, and community development advocates understand through case studies and best practices how TIF works, and that it can spur redevelopment.
CDFA TIF State-By-State Report 2015
The CDFA 2015 TIF State-By-State Report is a detailed review of the current state statutes and related regulations governing the use of tax increment financing tools throughout the country. This information has been collected by CDFA with the help...
An Overview of Special Purpose Taxing DistrictsMembers only Login
The National Association of Home Builders published this report focusing on Special Purpose Taxing Districts, a more efficient and effective way to fund public improvements in advance of growth, while at the same time ensuring that new growth pays...
The Use of TIF in NebraskaMembers only Login
The Platte Institute for Economic Research released this policy study on the use of TIF in Nebraska. The study covers general concepts, trends, cases studies from various size cities, economic analysis, and recommendations.
Tax Increment Financing in MissouriMembers only Login
The 2013 Tax Increment Financing Report summarizes Missouri TIF projects and financial data. The Missouri Department of Revenue generated the report by obtaining reports submitted by the authorizing municipalities.
Tax Increment Financing in Maine: OverviewMembers only Login
The Town of Lincoln, Maine presented an overview of the town's TIF program. The presentation includes an explanation of TIF and requirements in the state.
Why TIF Stalled in North CarolinaMembers only Login
This paper from the North Carolina Law Review covers the history of TIF in NC and nationally. It also looks at three authorized TIF projects to date in North Carolina as well as takeaway lessons from each. The final part provides a survey of...
Florida's Special DistrictsMembers only Login
Jack Gaskins Jr. with the Florida Dept. of Economic Opportunity explains the basics of special districts, their benefits, different types of special districts, and the accountability program in Florida.
Creation, Implementation, and Evaluation of Tax Increment FinancingMembers only Login
This best practices guide from Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) provides considerations and recommendations for governments wishing to implement appropriate and effective TIF districts for economic development.
Pennsylvania Economic Development Tools: Including the NIZ, the CRIZ, and TIFsMembers only Login
Scott Shearer with Public Financial Management describes Pennsylvania's unique targeted redevelopment tools, their structuring, benefits, and differences from one another.
Tax Increment Financing: A Catalyst for Economic DevelopmentMembers only Login
Jeff Mills with Reed Smith describes the benefits and use of TIF, prerequisites, development impacts, and considerations for municipalities.
The Most Popular Tool: TIF & the Political Economy of Local GovernmentMembers only Login
This article by Richard Briffault focuses not on the pros and cons of TIF, but on why TIF has become so widespread and what the debate about TIF tells us about the American local government system.
TIF in IndianaMembers only Login
Karl Marschel with Bryan Cave shares his experience with Indiana's TIF law and standard practice, including necessary steps to enacting a TIF, what can be funded, and other considerations.
Wisconsin Tax Increment FinancingMembers only Login
Sid Inman with Ehlers describes TIF law and standard practice in the State of Wisconsin, including procedures, qualifications, and eligible project costs.
Illinois Tax Increment FinancingMembers only Login
Maureen Barry with Ehlers details the statues and standard practice regarding tax increment financing in Illinois, covering types of TIF, eligible expenses, and issues and trends.
Missouri TIF ProgramsMembers only Login
John Brancaglione with PGAV discusses the use of TIF in Missouri: its duration, revenue sources, and other statutes which affect its use as an economic development tool.
Tax Increment Financing Trends in Southern Maine 2001-2011Members only Login
Kevin Price with the University of Southern Maine identifies and presents major trends in municipal TIF practices in Southern Maine and how policies governing TIFs are affecting the overall performance, compliance, frequency of use and more.
Comparison of Tax Increment Financing Statutes in WashingtonMembers only Login
This resource from Foster Pepper provides a comparison of varying state TIF districts, authorized users, approval processes, eligible contributions and boundaries, eligible projects and much more.
TAD vs. TIRZ - Which Model for Redevelopment is Better?Members only Login
During this dual-state webcast, Georgia’s Tax Allocation Districts (TAD) and Texas’ Tax Increment Reinvestment Zones (TIRZ) were compared side-by-side with examples that helped shed light on the effectiveness of each policy. Which tax increment...
TIF and PILOT Increment Financing: Differing Means to the Same EndMembers only Login
Robert Murray with Harris Beach presents how New York's innovative PILOT Increment Financing (PIF) has solved many of the statutory challenges of the state's TIF law, while still offering the same benefits of TIFs.
TIF: Need for Increased Local Transparency and AccountabilityMembers only Login
This Tax Increment Financing report produced by Arizona PIRG Education Fund examines TIF models from definition to legislative measures and makes the case for increased transparency in local economic development subsidies.
TIF: A Tale of Two CitiesMembers only Login
Christine Reynolds with Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP and Peter Englander with Portland Development Commission speak on TIF by comparing situations in Portland and Wilsonville, and studying recent trends.
Resource Guide: Economic Incentive AgreementsMembers only Login
SB Friedman created a resource guide detailing economic incentive agreements, also known as sales tax sharing agreements. The objective of these agreements is to provide a source of funds to make high impact projects feasible that would otherwise...
Factors that Influence the Size of Tax Increment Financing Districts in TXMembers only Login
The requirements that define appropriate use of TIF vary from state to state, and in states like Texas have been interpreted very broadly. Utilizing data provided by the TIF Registry maintained by the Texas Comptroller, this explanatory research...
Ehlers - Engaging Independent Financial AdvisorsMembers only Login
Steve Apfelbacher with Ehlers demonstrates the essential functions financial advisors play during structuring development finance projects. Apfelbacher explores regulations, TIF analysis, competitive bond sale factors, negotiated offerings, and...
Tax Increment Financing: A Success-Driven ToolMembers only Login
As featured in the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco's Community Development Investment Review: Pay for Success Financing, CDFA President Toby Rittner provides a basic understanding of Tax Increment Finance and what makes TIF so successful....
City of Austin - Tax Increment Financing PresentationMembers only Login
In this presentation, the City of Austin provides an explanation of Tax Increment Financing (TIF), including its history, current usage, and state enabling legislation. This presentation also communicates recommendations, best practices, methods of...
Diversification of Capital Creates Fresh FocusMembers only Login
Heather Hood with Enterprise Community Partners discusses a variety of public and private sources for community investment projects. Hood assesses Social Impact Bonds, Low Income Housing Tax Credits, land-use planning, California investment funds,...
Dallas County - 2012 TIF District Status ReportMembers only Login
This report provides an update of the progress of 21 TIF districts in Dallas County, Texas during the year 2012. The County is able to determine the effectiveness of this economic development tool through the report which has allowed the County to...
City of Newton as Small Town Residential DeveloperMembers only Login
Mike Weber with PGAV Planners shares the experience of a small town utilizing TIF to make downtown renovations, senior living, residential and more. Weber explains how the city served as a general contractor, where profit was not essential, which...
Notable Illinois TIF Case StudiesMembers only Login
Greg Hummel with Bryan Cave shares some successful TIF projects throughout Illinois. Hummel discusses structuring incentives, selling the story, planning, implementation, local economic issues, and content of a redevelopment agreement.
Value Capture and Tax Increment Financing for Streetcar ConstructionMembers only Login
DC Surface Transit commissioned the Brookings Institution to conduct a preliminary assessment of the funding alternatives, beyond Federal and DC government financing, for a streetcar system. This report includes analysis and recommendations for...
Illinois Main Street Conference - TIF 101Members only Login
As presented at the Illinois Main Street Conference, this presentation provides a basic overview of tax increment financing as it relates to Main Street Programs in the State of Illinois. Furthermore, the presentation breaks down eligible project...
Tax Increment Financing and Residential Incentive DistrictsMembers only Login
Squire Sanders shared this presentation on Tax Increment Financing and Residential Incentive Districts. The presentations provides TIF overview, potential public infrastructure improvements, general TIF considerations, eligibility, tax revenue...
Corpus Christi Tax Increment Financing PolicyMembers only Login
Corpus Christi Regional Economic Development Corporation released a policy summary of their tax increment financing program for interested parties to understand criteria. Statutes, additional resources, and general overview are included.
TIF Redevelopment Incentive Program GuidelinesMembers only Login
The City of Mobile, Alabama created this short guideline document to help readers understand Tax Increment Financing (TIF), how Mobile utilizes this tool, how it works, eligible projects, and general application procedure for TIF funds.
Redevelopment Financing Tools in Atlanta's Emerging MarketsMembers only Login
This presentation from Atlanta Development Authority demonstrates financing tools available to take advantage of redevelopment opportunities. Additionally, case studies and deal structuring is provided for Tax Assessment Districts and New Markets...
Illinois TIF Annual Reporting BasicsMembers only Login
The Illinois Tax Increment Association published this document providing basics for mandated annual TIF reporting for communities.
Can Dedicated Millages and TIF Coexist in Michigan?Members only Login
In this publication of the Citizens Research Council of Michigan examines the relationship between dedicated property tax rates and tax increment financing.
Using Tax Increment Financing in TennesseeMembers only Login
This resource by Gary Jaeckel, a Municipal Management Consultant, covers the basics of TIF in Tennessee from historical uses to best practices and alternatives to TIF.
Vermont State Auditor Report: TIF DistrictsMembers only Login
Vermont's State Auditor Thomas Salmon released a report calling for clarification in the state's TIF statutes and increased state oversight to improve administration and TIF program efficiency.
City of Arlington TIF Development AgreementMembers only Login
This is the full legal development agreement for a tax increment finance project involving Arlington Highlands, City of Arlington, TX, and the Zone Board.
Tax Incremental District Allocation Amendment Fact SheetMembers only Login
Wisconsin Dept. of Revenue's simplistic guide to understanding the states' tax increment district amendment.
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