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Tax-Exempt Bond Provisions Included in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs ActMembers only Login
The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (the “Act”) adds two categories of tax-exempt bonds that may be issued for exempt facilities and increases the amount of tax-exempt bonds authorized to be issued for one existing category of tax-exempt...
Local and Regional Infrastructure Interactive Map - Kinder InstituteMembers only Login
The Kinder Institute Local and Regional Infrastructure Database contains more than 1,800 planned infrastructure projects identified by surveying local and regional leaders, reviewing capital investment documents, and using other sources. This...
Promoting Equity Investments for an Equitable RecoveryMembers only Login
The Urban Institute set out to study how innovative policies and programs from abroad could inform state and local efforts in the US to advance an inclusive recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. They produced five briefs, each profiling an approach...
CDBG CV Broadband Quick GuideMembers only Login
This CDBG-CV Broadband Quick Guide summarizes some of the ways Community Development Block Grant CARES Act (CDBG-CV) grantees can help narrow the digital divide through the provision of broadband infrastructure and services to communities in need...
Key Factors and Strategies for Urban and Rural CommunitiesMembers only Login
Through data analysis supported by stakeholder interviews and case studies, this research from the National League of Cities identifies factors that support local engagement in regional economies, how these factors vary for urban and rural places,...
3 Key Components Define Effective State Broadband ProgramsMembers only Login
This study from the Pew Charitable Trusts posits three key ingredients that are necessary for effective broadband expansion efforts. Research shows that states are more likely to successfully achieve broadband access goals when they 1) have a...
CDFA // BNY Mellon Development Finance Webcast Series: Rural Broadband & Telehealth Financing
During this installment of the CDFA // BNY Mellon Development Finance Webcast Series, experts explain how rural communities can embrace the challenges of financing high-speed internet for the economic and societal gains provided by broadband.
USDA Resource Guide for Rural Workforce DevelopmentMembers only Login
This guide was created by the USDA in 2021 for community leaders and other local entities. The guide highlights four key assistance types necessary to building a stronger rural workforce: 1) Workforce development planning; 2) Infrastructure and...
Community Serving Infrastructure: A Playbook for a New Infrastructure PartnershipMembers only Login
The New Partnership on Infrastructure seeks to advance national policies driven by local innovation, with cities serving as testbeds for experimentation and transferable solutions. This document champions that idea. It is a summation of local...
CDFA - Ice Miller Broadband Financing Series: Case Studies & Best Practices of Broadband in P3s
Public-Private Partnerships, or P3s, have been used across the country to finance broadband. As part of our collaboration with Ice Miller LLP, this video will cover best practices of the P3 model and provide case studies that explore the various...
CDFA - Ice Miller Broadband Financing Series: 5G, IoT, Smart Cities & Emerging Technologies
The “Internet of Things” (IoT) will create unprecedented new uses for internet-enabled devices and heighten demands for connectivity. 5G, considered the next mobile wireless standard, will support the proliferation of these devices. As part of our...
CDFA - Ice Miller Broadband Financing Series: Case Studies of Taking a Project from Start to Finish
There are many models to financing broadband and finding the correct approach for your community may be challenging. As part of our collaboration with Ice Miller, this video will dive into the details of successful locally owned municipal network...
CDFA - Ice Miller Broadband Financing Series: The Benefits of Broadband in Economic Development
There are many benefits that come with broadband access and adoption. From healthcare delivery and education to food and retail, the public has much to gain from broadband access. As part of our collaboration with Ice Miller, this video will explore...
An Infrastructure Stimulus Plan for the COVID-19 RecessionMembers only Login
This Brookings Institute brief uses historical data and the earliest indicators from the COVID-19 downturn to make the case for a people-first approach to federal infrastructure stimulus. The total cost of these programs would range from $167...
American Broadband Initiative - Progress Report June 2020Members only Login
On February 13, 2019, the American Broadband Initiative was launched with the release of the Milestones Report, detailing the Administration’s strategy to drive changes across Federal Agencies to identify and remove barriers to broadband access and...
COVID-19 Federal Rural Resource Guide
USDA and its Federal partners have programs that can be used to provide immediate and long-term assistance to rural communities affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. This resource matrix organizes funding opportunities identified in the CARES Act and...
COVID-19 Weekly Briefing - Federal, State, and Local Responses to COVID-19
On the March 27, 2020 Weekly COVID-19 Development Finance Briefing, we discussed how Development Finance Agencies have initially responded to COVID-19, examined Congressional legislation, analyzed how federal agencies are reacting, and looked at a...
ReConnect Program Fact Sheet, February 2020Members only Login
The Broadband ReConnect Program furnishes loans and grants to provide funds for the costs of construction, improvement, or acquisition of facilities and equipment needed to provide broadband service in eligible rural areas. This fact sheet was...
Strategies for Successful Funding through USDA's ReConnect ProgramMembers only Login
During this webinar, experts from across the country discussed creative solutions for responding to the second round of funding for the ReConnect Program, and attendees learned from the successes of the program thus far.
The ReConnect Broadband Pilot ProgramMembers only Login
This overview of the USDA's ReConnect Broadband Pilot Program was authored by the Congressional Research Service in July 2019.
ReConnecting Rural Broadband - Strategies for Funding SuccessMembers only Login
During this webinar, Lindsay Miller, Attorney with Ice Miller LLP, Heather Morgan, Executive Director of Project 17, Ryeon Corsi, Management and Program Analyst at USDA-RD, and Jeff Reiman, Vice President of The Broadband Group discussed creative...
Broadband Loan and Grant Programs in the USDA’s Rural Utilities ServiceMembers only Login
This March 2019 report from the Congressional Research Service outlines programs offered by the USDA's Rural Utilities Service that finance rural broadband. These include Community Connect Grants, Distance Learning & Telemedicine Grants, the...
2018 Idaho Technology Economic Knowledge ReportMembers only Login
The Idaho Knowledge Report 2018 provides the metrics on building a stronger, more innovative economy. This report allows viewers to measure success and identify proscriptive actions towards industries. The Idaho Technology Council recognized the...
CDFA // BNY Mellon Webcast Series: Financing Broadband InfrastructureMembers only Login
During this installment of the CDFA // BNY Mellon Webcast Series, Nathan Rosenberg with The Broadband Group and Gregory Dunn with Ice Miller LLP presented some of the various financing options & ownership structures available to communities to...
Financing Fiber InfrastructureMembers only Login
Nathan Rosenberg from the Broadband Group presents on financing fiber infrastructure on cities across the U.S.
Broadband and CRAMembers only Login
Jeanne Bonds from the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond presents on the Community Reinvestment Act and Broadband.
Financing Broadband Infrastructure at the Local LevelMembers only Login
Phil Dotts and Josh McCoy from Public Financial Management, along with Harrison Diamond from the City of Huntsville, AL, Jeff Reiman from the Broadband Group and Ted Phillips from Huntsville Utilities discuss the unique financing structure that...
USDA Rural Development 2015 Progress ReportMembers only Login
The USDA Rural Development 2015 Progress Report details the tangible results across rural America that stemmed from investments by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Rural Development team in local businesses, community infrastructure,...
Public-Private Partnership Project Showcase: KentuckyWiredMembers only Login
Eric Rockhold from Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Kristopher Wahlers from Ice Miller, and Ryan Barrow and Mike Hayden from Kentucky Finance and Administration cover how Kentucky executed a P3 for statewide fiberoptic broadband.
Community-Based Broadband SolutionsMembers only Login
The report describes how the private sector has made investments to expand broadband access in the US. Upgrading to higher-speed broadband lets consumers use the Internet in new ways. The report also explains the benefits of higher-speed broadband...
Idaho Rural MadeMembers only Login
As a part of the USDA's commitment to strengthening rural economies, a state-by-state "Made in Rural America" report has been released for each state. Each state's factsheet highlights specific USDA investments in rural businesses, manufacturing,...
USDA Rural Development Overview in CAMembers only Login
Chuck Clendenin from California's USDA, gives a thorough overview on opportunities for finance though the USDA. Areas covered include community programs, business & cooperatives, single family housing, and multi-family housing.
Rural Development - Strengthening Rural CommunitiesMembers only Login
Jim Turner with the U.S. Department of Agriculture describes the latest investments being made for rural areas, such as infrastructure, broadband, renewable energy, housing and other community assets.
The Smart Rural Community - Leveraging Rural BroadbandMembers only Login
The Smart Rural Community by Jesse Ward focuses on the ability of rural communities to use broadband networks to enable a series of applications that the community can leverage for innovative economic development, education, healthcare, governmental...
Rural Broadband Access Loan and Loan Guarantee Program GuideMembers only Login
The USDA created this application guide to assist possible applicants understand all aspects of the Rural Broadband Access Loan and Loan Guarantee Program which provides funds for all costs associated with acquiring broadband telecommunications...
East Central Vermont Community Fiber NetworkMembers only Login
A group of 22 towns in the upper Connecticut and White River valleys of Vermont have formed a joint venture to bring fiber-optic broadband communications services to their region. The towns have signed an InterLocal Contract (ILC), known as East...
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