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Kentucky Bond Development Finance Corporation (KBDC) Members only Login
Bond financing remains the bedrock development finance tool for economic development. This material focuses on the Kentucky Bond Development Corporation and their investment in projects across the Commonwealth. Roger Peterman from Dinsmore & Shohl...
Multi-Phase Projects in Ohio - Pro Football Hall of FameMembers only Login
While some development finance projects in Ohio are completed simply and quickly, many projects require a longer timeline. These complex, largescale projects often require a creative financing approach in order to reach completion. Irene MacDougal...
What is a STAR Bond?Members only Login
A STAR Bond is a tax increment financing program which allows city governments in Kansas to issue special revenue bonds that are repaid by all of the revenues received by the city or county from incremental increases in taxes within the designated...
Arvada: Tax Increment Financing in ActionMembers only Login
Tax increment financing is a flexible and creative financing tool that can support development projects throughout Colorado. The Arvada Urban Renewal Authority shares their successes of using TIF for a number of different projects including housing,...
2017 CDFA Michigan Financing Roundtable WebinarMembers only Login
The 2017 CDFA Michigan Financing Roundtable Webinar discusses the latest and greatest in Development Finance across the state. The webinar includes two sessions: Development Finance Current Events Review and The Michigan Bond Market. Experts, Craig...
Understanding TIF Bond FinancingMembers only Login
Laura Radcliff of Stifel and Jeff Leuschel of McCall Parkshurst explain municipal bond issuances for TIF projects, covering the types of security, basic security credit analysis, ratings, and more.
Tax Increment Financing and Special Assessment BondsMembers only Login
This quick hand out from the Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority gives an overview of tax increment financing and special assessment bonds along with the role the Port Authority can have in the processes of issuing bonds.
CDFA Leveraged Development Finance ToolsMembers only Login
Jim Parsons of Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP, Roger Peterman of Dinsmore & Shohl LLP, and Tom Howard of Commonwealth Economics present Kentucky's most leveraged development finance tools including tax increment financing and revenue bonds.
From Cleveland With Love: The Evolving World of the Ohio Bond Market
Kip Wahlers of Ice Miller LLP provides an overview of the Ohio bond market with respect to a number of key development financing tools.
Understanding TIF Bond FinancingMembers only Login
The processes and mechanics of using bonds in tax increment financing projects is revealed by Karl Marschel of Bryan Cave LLP.
Tax Increment BondsMembers only Login
Michael Stock of Standard & Poor's presents on TIF bonds detailing the rating process, management, legal considerations, volatility ratio and more.
An Overview of Special Purpose Taxing DistrictsMembers only Login
The National Association of Home Builders published this report focusing on Special Purpose Taxing Districts, a more efficient and effective way to fund public improvements in advance of growth, while at the same time ensuring that new growth pays...
Foothills Mall Redevelopment: TIF Case StudyMembers only Login
Josh Birks (City of Fort Collins), Samuel Sharp (D.A. Davidson & Co.), and Dee Wisor (Butler Snow, LLP) present a case study detailing the financing structure of a 76.3 acre TIF redevelopment project in the City of Fort Collins.
TIF History & Performance Report 2011Members only Login
A report on Wichita’s tax increment financing districts indicates that each district is expected to repay every bond issued for public improvements on time.
Mixed-Use and Economic Development Financing Structures and OptionsMembers only Login
Strafford's shows special districts can provide a win-win-win situation for the local jurisdiction, the developer, and the ultimate owners of the benefited properties. Lending institutions, which advance credit to borrowers on properties located in...
Understanding TIF Bond FinancingMembers only Login
The processes and mechanics of using bonds in tax increment financing projects is revealed by Karl Marschel of Bryan Cave LLP.
Understanding TIF Bond FinancingMembers only Login
Peter Raphael of William Blair expounds upon TIF bonds as a revenue stream including structural issues, various types of bonds, and a case study of a village in Illinois.
Southeast Overtown/Park West TIF Bonds Official StatementMembers only Login
This official statement for the Southeast Overtown/Park West Community Redevelopment Agency Tax Increment Revenue bonds provides a wealth of information on the TIF and bond structure for the BBB+ rated, $55.9M project.
Southeast Overtown/Park West TIF Bonds Official StatementMembers only Login
This official statement for the Southeast Overtown/Park West Community Redevelopment Agency Tax Increment Revenue bonds provides a wealth of information on the TIF and bond structure for the BBB+ rated, $55.9M project.
Debt & Capital Markets FinancingMembers only Login
Kari L. Blanchett of The Public Financial Management Group and Laura M. Raddiff of Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Incorporated discuss the present state of the Michigan bond market and the role of TIF financing in the state.
Creative Financing for Brownfields-Grayfields Redevelopment
In this presentation, Evans Paull of New Partners for Smart Growth explores creative financing models for brownfield redevelopment. Paull covers tools such as bonds, loans, grants, credit enhancements, TIF as well as case studies.
Why Bond Financing?Members only Login
Toby Rittner with the Council of Development Finance Agencies shares extensive knowledge about the development finance environment, focusing primarily on bonds.
PGAV - Arnold Commons Bond Revenue StudyMembers only Login
PGAV Planners produced this concise case study highlighting the Arnold Commons project in Arnold, Missouri. PGAV shares project details primarily focused on the tax increment financing elements of the project.
New Ideas for Financing Game-Changing InfrastructureMembers only Login
Stephen Friedman presents new financing ideas and creative solutions for making impactful infrastructure enhancements. Friedman provides case studies, market overviews, trends, contemporary projects and more.
TIF and the Capital MarketsMembers only Login
Joe Riley of Stern Brothers & Co. and Peter Raphael of William Blair discuss tax increment finance bonds, including debt ratings and credit enhancements.
Targeted Tools to Support Development Finance: Increment FinancingMembers only Login
Price Finley with Bricker & Eckler shares the immense potential on tax increment and special district financing to support a wide variety of strategic and targeted development initiatives.
Tax Increment Financing and the City of MilwaukeeMembers only Login
Dave Misky with the Redevelopment Authority of the City of Milwaukee demonstrates how Milwaukee has transformed large parcels in the city and attracted tremendous investment by utilizing tax increment financing.
U.S. Public Finance Special Tax MethodologyMembers only Login
This methodology from Moody's describes the ratings agency's approach to evaluating the credit of Special Tax Bonds.
Bonds as the Bedrock of Development FinanceMembers only Login
Hawkins Delafield & Wood LLP is represented here by Carol McCoog, speaking on bonds and their stay in the development world.
Understanding TIF Bond Financing - Roles, Structure & ConsiderationsMembers only Login
Karl Marschel with Bryan Cave provides a fundamental understanding of the TIF bonding process including roles of key players, eligible uses, documents and disclosure issues, structuring and more.
TIF Project Selection and Bond Issuance ProcessMembers only Login
Cheryl Strickland with Stifel Nicolaus discusses TIF bonding including project selection, due diligence, credit rating factors, and more.
CDFA-Stifel Nicolaus Innovative Deals: RetailMembers only Login
During this installment of the CDFA-Stifel Nicolaus Innovative Deals Webcast Series, we featured the latest in downtown retail development. Speakers highlighted two recent projects that have served as catalysts for downtown renewal and discussed how...
CDFA-Stifel Nicolaus Innovative Deals: Retail Presentation
During this installment of the CDFA-Stifel Nicolaus Innovative Deals Webcast Series, we featured the latest in downtown retail development. Ketan Gada from the District of Columbia and Ken Krombeen and Tammy Hopman from the City of Grandville, MI...
Fostering & Maximizing Development Finance PartnershipsMembers only Login
Price Finley with Bricker & Eckler discusses TIF, CURCs & Special Assessment Finance Strategies in Ohio. Finley describes special district financing types, examples of SIDs, and case-studies.
Ehlers - Engaging Independent Financial AdvisorsMembers only Login
Steve Apfelbacher with Ehlers demonstrates the essential functions financial advisors play during structuring development finance projects. Apfelbacher explores regulations, TIF analysis, competitive bond sale factors, negotiated offerings, and...
Inventing the Brownfields Land BankMembers only Login
Evans Paull with Redevelopment Economics and Seth Otto with Maul, Foster, & Alongi present the idea of a brownfields land bank and "revved up" TIF authority combining to create a new brownfields tool to lure manufacturing back to former industrial...
Harbor Point Tax Increment Financing Fact & Information Sheet
Harbor Point is a new 3 million square-foot master-planned mixed-use community located on a waterfront site in Baltimore Maryland. The massive project will generate $920M of private investment from $106.9M of TIF bonds to finance necessary public...
Clean Energy and Bonds: The New Infrastructure FinanceMembers only Login
Lew Milford with Clean Energy Group discusses the lending market and financing trends for clean energy developments. Milford explains the Clean Energy + Bond Finance Initiative, and how capital markets provide an avenue to spur investment in...
Peck Shaffer: Bonds as the Bedrock of Development FinanceMembers only Login
Blake Sharpton of Peck, Shaffer & Williams LLP provides an overview of bonds, tax allocation districts (TADs), and special district finance. Sharpton also describes the importance of repayment revenue sources and the bond financing process.
Rural Partners of Illinois - Supporting Rural Development in the Prairie StateMembers only Login
Steve Kline with Illinois Rural Partners shares how Rural Partners brings public and private organizations together to provide education and research, public policy knowledge, and networking to maximize rural development. Kline also provides real...
Successful Bond Financing Strategies in IllinoisMembers only Login
Rich Frampton with Illinois Finance Authority shares an array of successful projects around the state that used bonds, among other tools, to finance improvements and access low-cost capital.
Investing in Illinois: Tax Increment Finance Programs
James Snyder with Ice Miller presented tax increment financing programs and options to combine TIF with other public/private tools. Snyder emphasizes the importance of TIF in redevelopment and opportunities to transform communities. Furthermore,...
Value Capture and Tax Increment Financing for Streetcar ConstructionMembers only Login
DC Surface Transit commissioned the Brookings Institution to conduct a preliminary assessment of the funding alternatives, beyond Federal and DC government financing, for a streetcar system. This report includes analysis and recommendations for...
Tax Increment Financing and Residential Incentive DistrictsMembers only Login
Squire Sanders shared this presentation on Tax Increment Financing and Residential Incentive Districts. The presentations provides TIF overview, potential public infrastructure improvements, general TIF considerations, eligibility, tax revenue...
CalFOR - Access to Capital Members only Login
The California Financial Opportunities Roundtable (CalFOR) created this document encompassing all the access to capital financing tools available in California. CalFOR identified opportunities and developed recommendations for leveraging existing...
Present Law and Background Information Related to Federal Taxation and State and Local Government FinanceMembers only Login
This document, prepared by the Joint Committee on Taxation, summarizes the provisions and discusses economic issues of allowing a deduction for certain State and local taxes, tax-exempt and tax-credit bond provisions, income tax, and the treatment...
State Legislation to Encourage Infrastructure Finance OptionsMembers only Login
NCSL and NAHB mutually identified 11 strategies that appear to provide the greatest opportunities for local governments to finance current and long-term infrastructure needs in a cost-effective manner. The 11 strategies are detailed in this report...
Redevelopment Financing Tools in Atlanta's Emerging MarketsMembers only Login
This presentation from Atlanta Development Authority demonstrates financing tools available to take advantage of redevelopment opportunities. Additionally, case studies and deal structuring is provided for Tax Assessment Districts and New Markets...
Building for Tomorrow: Innovative Infrastructure SolutionsMembers only Login
The National Associate of Home Builders published Innovative Infrastructure Solutions which examines the financially straining need for cities, towns and counties to expand and maintain infrastructure. This document demonstrates truly innovative...
Using Tax Increment Financing in TennesseeMembers only Login
This resource by Gary Jaeckel, a Municipal Management Consultant, covers the basics of TIF in Tennessee from historical uses to best practices and alternatives to TIF.
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